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Juni Rewrites JuniVersal Equation is third level from Juni in TVA Adventure triology and my 4th level in general. All are KS regular levels.

Official poster, inspired by Marvel's Loki series.

This level is essentially a remake of Juni in the JuniVerse of Madness level, but most part of the gameplay is set in new parts of level such as Loom Control Room and Hostile Landscape Land by Polana remix afterwards.

Info screen.

The Juni in the JuniVerse of Madness is my imagination of what is going to be plot of Loki S2, then Loki S2 series got released and i got the idea to change gameplay of my 2nd level to fit the Loki lore correctly and have nice send off to Juni in some way.

Loom control room.

Loom control room set in time after protocol 1229, in which everyone from TVA is being reset into their timeline before they got recruited by TVA

Just like in Loki S2, Juni is about to have mission around Loom control room. When she's found out what to do, time slipping to Juni in TVA Adventure level finale is what is about to solve the game gameplay. But that ends the 2nd act of the level. Third one is pure insanity! Juni will project a Hostile Landscape Land by Polana level from different timeline. Mirrored with more enemies.

Upper picture tells about insanity of level, this is actually only things alive in multiverse. Black lines represent a dead branches from timelines. Juni have mission to get to the mountain in which energy is about to collect and Juni is set to sacrifice herself in order to become power source of restarted Multiversal Tree...

After all this is very big level, the three act gameplay explained:

1st act - Juni starts where 2nd game ends, mission is to get to the Loom control room.
2nd act - Loom puzzle mini level, after protocol 1229 TVA is set into 4 keys fail-safe mode, Juni is going to time slipping in events of 1st game (Juni in TVA Adventure) to get the 4 keys.
3rd act - Hostile Landscape Land by Polana remix level.

This is whole map of my level!

Original resolution link, 5000px4500px

Happy playing and sorry in advance for difficult parts, especially at Hostile Landscape Land remix in which save spots are like victory itself. And KG's Labyrinth is tough, it took around 20 minutes to run through it. Also to mention there are some cameo levels appearance.

-- Level download link --
Edit: download link is fixed now.
Knytt Stories / Re: [690+ level reviews] - Grading levels by Authors N-S
« Last post by pacifishi on February 15, 2024, 18:16:21 »
There were a whopping 19(!) levels rated 'A', which is more than parts I-III combined. Check them out!

My favorite levels of part IV: LPChip Hooray Fun Time - Nifforum and Dark Sea 2v1.1 - SecretGlitch

Rating Nifflas' levels were tough. Some parts seemed cliché now, but that's only because his levels were so influential. I factored in that all of the tilesets used in the levels were completely custom. Surprisingly, the only level that I didn't love when revisiting was 'The Machine' but I'm looking forward to playing Nifforum's take on the level!

Looking ahead:

Part V [Authors T-Z] will be smooth sailing with "only" 450 levels.

Part VI will be for all the levels that aren't on the archive. I'll be checking egomassive's, mitorun's, across the juniverse, under the umbrella, as well as the Nifforum. Thank you to everyone who gave suggestions in the last thread. Feel free to DM me levels or point me in the right direction!

Finally, Part VII will wrap things up with a spreadsheet of all (likely) 3000+ levels, a stat pack, in-depth reviews of my favorite levels, and more. I'll also go back and review all the levels that had been released after I made each part*.

*(For authors N-S, this includes "The Machine reversed - Nifflas", "Gustav's Abstraction - Polana", and "The Machine - Nifforum" at the time of writing this)
Knytt Stories / [690+ level reviews] - Grading levels by Authors N-S
« Last post by pacifishi on February 15, 2024, 18:12:23 »
Hej hej! After 4 months, I have finally conquered the most daunting part of my quest to play and rate every KS level. 703 697 levels later, here are my personal letter grade reviews for levels submitted by authors N-S, corresponding to pages 18-25 on

Disclaimer: I don't consider myself an authority on what makes a "good" level. It's a lot easier for me to fill in a single letter on a spreadsheet than spend hours making these levels so if a particular grade seems unfair I am more than happy to give more in-depth thoughts on any particular level.

As always, these ratings aren't meant to discourage anyone or be harsh. Making a level always beats not making a level.

What each grade corresponds to:   

OUTDATED   Obsolete versions of levels (see newer version for review)     
N/A  Tileset showcases, demos, etc. that can't be judged for gameplay     
---   ---     
F   Broken / flawed to the point of unplayable     
D   Severe issues (see criteria below) that makes completing the level unenjoyable / will not replay     
C   Average levels / no strong feelings one way or the other / good aspects counteracted by flaws     
B   Great levels that are replayable, or great level concepts       
A   Must-play levels     

Things that may negatively impact grade (-):               
Broken levels           
Random tile or enemy spam           
Excessive "hallway screens" that pad-out level with no challenge or noteworthy visuals           
Unnessesarily long walking period before recieving run powerup (unrelated to challenge)           
Arbitrary hidden spikes / invisible death tiles           
Wall clipping on screen transitions / void pits           
Poor distinction between foreground / background tiles           
Poor save point placement (e.g. save point > multple hallway screens > challenge)           
Surprise death by environment/enemy immediately on screen transition           

While playing each level, I've considered its gameplay (challenge, platforming, puzzle) , art (quality of assets/tileset), worldbuilding (unique lore, worlds that feel "alive"), atmosphere (mood), music, and storytelling. My ratings are gameplay-forward, meaning, for example, that a "fun to play" level with average graphics typically will be rated higher than a tedious level with great graphics.

I'm biased in favor of (+):
difficulty:   hard / very hard
genre:   puzzles
art style:   simple and stylized (e.g. Hostile Landscape) can score just as well as 'realistic / heavily detailed' art
mechanic:   use of minimap
I'm biased against (-):
genre: mazes   
genre: massive exploration levels   

Without further to do...


If you are unable to sort/edit due to the permission settings, feel free to make a copy of the sheet.

Stats (Imgur):

Sorted by grade (Imgur):

Sorted by author (Imgur):

Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: The Machine [Large][Very Hard][Challenge]
« Last post by bulbapuck on February 14, 2024, 21:42:21 »
Awesome! I've been lurking in the discord channel following the later stages of development these past months, congratulations on releasing it! Can't wait to try it out  C)p
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: The Machine [Large][Very Hard][Challenge]
« Last post by fabiche on February 14, 2024, 16:11:49 »
Awesome ! Thanks to you programmers of the community for this great start of the year gift.
At home in the east of France it has been raining for 2 weeks this new level will be my ray of sunshine
I'll get started on it this evening, great :-D
Knytt Stories Level Releases / The Machine [Large][Very Hard][Challenge]
« Last post by plural on February 14, 2024, 10:11:19 »

Download: Nifforum - The Machine 48.48MB

Seventeen years ago there was a little Knytt named Juni that managed to turn off a machine and save her world. But what about the other worlds? What if an alternate reality existed where the machine was still on and still needed to be turned off? This is that story.

This is a collaborative level made by members of this community where every aspect of the original Nifflas level has been remade, remixed, and expanded. See and hear the interpretations of some of the best level designers, artists, and musicians that inhabit this community. Can you turn off this machine? Can you find all the secrets hidden throughout Juni's altered world? It's easier said than done. New sights, new sounds, and new challenges await in this familiar, yet, changed world.

Level redesign by Comhon, egomassive, Gliperal, ixMarcel, plural, Polana, sergiocornaga, StraightFlame, Talps, Vegetal Gibber, and Wibi
Music remixed by Fubaka, Lit Knob, LPChip, Lucinda, Vreschen, and Wibi
Art redrawn by egomassive, plural, Polana, Talps, Vegetal Gibber, and Wibi

The level can be played in vanilla KS and KS+. The latter enhancing the experience slightly.


Thank you to Kilicool64 and lokser for advanced beta testing.
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Through the Swamp [small/environmental/KS+]
« Last post by Alen13ASC on February 13, 2024, 19:25:35 »
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: [Challenge][Normal][Medium][KS+] Calexico
« Last post by Alen13ASC on February 13, 2024, 18:49:25 »
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: [Enviromental][Normal] Emma fell down a well
« Last post by Alen13ASC on February 13, 2024, 18:48:50 »
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