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Okay, it's up. Thanks, Talps. I still have hope for that Eurydice remake someday. C)
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: [Hard/Challenge/Epic Length] I Dreamed of the Sky
« Last post by Talps on February 06, 2020, 00:03:03 »
Thanks for including me! <3

I wasn't able to upload IDotS to the archive when I finished it; for some reason whenever I tried it would stop working just before the upload completed; my best guess was that my laptop couldn't handle it. I don't mind it being uploaded there now. My bid to update Eurydice turned into a project for an entire remake that I never completed; I think something similar would happen if I tried to work on this again.
I was making a very short list of essential levels for a newcomer to KS. I included this level, obviously. Then, I noticed it wasn't on the knyttlevels archive. Sometimes, when a level I really enjoy isn't there, I upload the best version of it I can find. But since Talps is still somewhat active in the community, I thought I should request its upload with a post here. Just in case he felt any small changes were needed before posterity.
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Frozen Mountain 2 - The Return
« Last post by GrayFace on January 17, 2020, 00:53:08 »
As for the EXT version I was unable to keep both KS+ and Ext in synchro so I have to decide abandone Ext version.
I mean the last one before the transition if you still have it. Looks like it was version 5a.
Really enjoying this so far. The "open world" vibe works quite well, and I think I will play this a little bit each day, exploring semi-aimlessly, rather than powering through to the end.
Incredible level! I did look in the editor to find one code I missed and 2 crystals.
Spoiler: (click to show/hide)
On 1st playthrough I ran short of 3 creatures and 1 coin, on 2nd I missed 4 creatures and 2 coins. After I release the new KS Ex version I'll upload a modification of the level with added KS Ex support for golden creatures, coins and tint+attach (all done via a Lua script). My 2nd playthrough was in KS Ex with a ball with a few switches back to Juni in places inaccessible to the ball due to its bigger width.
Uurnog / Re: Weird "door" in the E zone
« Last post by Shilag on January 11, 2020, 23:34:56 »
Just keep progressing through the game, and eventually something in that room will change. You'll know when.
Spoiler: To be less vague... (click to show/hide)

Regarding the blue and red orbs, have you noticed them repeatedly flash and beep at times? (And have you noticed the red orb flicker green?)

Yes, thank you very much. I actually just came here to update the thread because I figured all of those things out coincidentally. I had held off on the endings because I was trying to figure out as much as I could about the secrets and stuff beforehand, which turned out to not be very productive. And I did notice the green flashing of the Red Orb, which I couldn't make sense of at first, but now I found its use! Love uncovering things in this game.
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Frozen Mountain 2 - The Return
« Last post by Drakkan on January 11, 2020, 21:34:52 »
This is an amazing level, but towards the end problems with challenge design spoiled a big part of the fun.
Linear structure of the level (with the exception of the starting area) and inability to go back (despite what's incorrectly said at x1027y1001) don't facilitate collecting golden creatures well.
Could you upload the last version made for KS Ex too? I'd like to play it with a ball too.
thanks a lot for these. I  fixed something and reuplaoded new version. As for the EXT version I was unable to keep both KS+ and Ext in synchro so I have to decide abandone Ext version.
Thanks! Since the golden creatures are intended to be harder to find/collect than the other stuff (they're just a bonus challenge and not required to unlock anything), I got a bit creative/sadistic with some of them  :nuts:

Was the intro cutscene inspired by The Waiting Room in any way? :P2

No, but now that you mention it, I can see why you're asking. Still, as they usually say in movies, all resemblance is purely coincidental  :P2
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Levels from a czech KS fan page
« Last post by kilicool64 on January 10, 2020, 17:16:38 »
I played Legend of Second town. It's decent enough by the standards of early KS levels, and clearly had plenty of effort put into it.

Although it has some pretty questionable design decisions. Such as not starting you off with the run powerup and making you go through some pretty tedious challenges to get it. Or the large amount of backtracking, particularly when you try to do things in the wrong order. However, the biggest problem is that the progression doesn't really make sense and causes a lot of confusion regarding the level's main objective. I get the impression that it was changed late into development without the creator fully considering the consequences.

Spoiler: (click to show/hide)

It doesn't help that the level seems to have no ending. I had to open it in the level editor to confirm that I didn't overlook anything.

Also, the only good thing I can say about the translation is that I believe I usually understood what it was trying to say.

Hope this doesn't come off too harsh. I still had some fun with the level, and I appreciate you sharing it here. I just don't think it really holds up.
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