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Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: [Environmental] [Easy] [Small] Alcázar
« Last post by helvetzia on August 31, 2019, 02:21:33 »
Snooping for sneaky secrets was a good excuse for lingering in such a gorgeous and serene place. Quality as always. Thank you for making this.
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Nightmare
« Last post by trilby93 on August 31, 2019, 01:38:48 »
Hey! Haven’t posted in ages here haha.

Anyway I was enjoying this level but I seem to have gotten stuck in the nightmare house! Do I need the blue and purple keys to leave?
Glad to have you back VG! Very cool level. The graphics look completely like they belong in KS, while still maintaining that photorealistic quality. What's more, you've nicely indicated what's solid and what isn't (at least for me), without detracting from the quality. The only problem I had was that the umbrella disappeared into the background.

Spoiler: (click to show/hide)
Knytt Stories Level Releases / [Environmental] [Easy] [Small] Alcázar
« Last post by Vegetal Gibber on August 27, 2019, 20:14:13 »

[ Download the level ] (file size: ~7.4MB)

This level has a deeper and more complex story behind it than you can possibly imagine... and by that I mean I went to the park to take a walk, took a bunch of mostly random photos and then thought: "Hey, I bet I could build a KS level with these!"... and lo and behold, a level was indeed built! It was going to be just a quick experiment on photorealistic tilesets that I intended to release in my Short/Experimental levels thread. However, since there aren't many KS level releases nowadays, I changed my mind and decided to expand it into something a bit more substantial.

Alcázar is just a pretty short environmental level with a focus on ambiance, exploration and secrets. There's no story whatsoever, but you'll get a nice photo slideshow if you manage to unlock the exit by finding and collecting all the necessary items. If you fancy hunting for cunningly (i.e. annoyingly) hidden secrets, there's also a bonus area which contains an alternate "ending". Oh and... be prepared to be confused about what's solid and what's not for a while :P
Whoa, Azure Serenity got DLC?

I'd never expect that to happen. Amazing!
I'm going to sink my teeth into this
I really enjoyed your playthrough of the original even though I can't speak French XD.

For the original there is a teleporter on the very last screen.  It's pretty hard to see though with the colors and timed nature of that section combined.  I Added an attachment of its exact spot.

The newest version has all the future hubs laid out but still late game zones are not made yet or may not be fully connected to a hub yet. I don’t recommend saving outside of the main hub in future/incomplete chapters in case something gets moved. 

These are not necessarily final and mostly only the chapter requirements are implemented but right now the planned requirements are:
Beat all Prologue bosses and 1 Gold Creature to enter any Chapter 1-3 by boat:
Chapter 1 (Uses Pirate Map Collectibles for access to 7 more new Islands),
Chapter 2 (Gives Computer Chip) or Chapter 3
Completion of any chapter 1, 2 or 3 gives the Eye and allows access to Chapter 4 from the High Dimensional Rift or 6 from Glass Botanical Tower computer.
Chapter 5 from airport requires completion of ALL 3 chapters 1, 2, 3 and 10 Gold Creatures!
Chapter 6 requires 1 Computer Chip from Ch 2 or Ch 5?. (Then 3-4 Computer Chips total to enter Incomprehensibly Consumed Future)
Chapter 7 from airport requires completion of ALL 3 chapters 4, 5, 6 and 20 Gold Creatures!
(Then uses Candle to access Transcendent Plane)
Chapter 8 via Lunar Hangar requires chapter 7 completion. (Uses Fuel Collectibles for access to new planets in 2nd half.  Sometimes multiple planets for 1 fuel.)
Chapter 9 via Immortal Xenogod hub Requires chapter 8 completion and Hologram purchased for undetermined amount of coins.
Chapter 10 via Labyrinth of Coalescence and Alternate Universes B, C and D access requires chapter 9 completion.
Universe 321 Requires 1 Alternate Universe Equation (Gives AU Equation)
Universe 6µ3%N^Q~E#ß Requires 2 Alternate Universe Equations (Gives AU Equation)
Discordant Anomaly Requires 4 Alternate Universe Equations (Gives AU Equation)
Materialized Megaverse Requires 5 Alternate Universe Equation (Gives Dragon Scale)
Anti-matter Aberration Requires 6 Alternate Universe Equation (Gives Dragon Scale)
Alt.sim.exe online requires Computer Chips (From Universe C and 6µ3%N )(Gives AU Equation)
1 Dragon Scale to access Twilight Singularity (From Draconic Dominion) (Gives Dragon Scale)
Chapter 10 completion to access Anxious Anachronism (Gives Candle)
3 Candles to access Primordial Godrealm (From Pureland, Trans. Plane and Anxious Anach.)
7 Candles to access Unsustained Cosmogony (From Godrealm)
Vicarious Prototype requires 7 Alternate Universe Equations (From Universes B, C, D, 321, 6µ3%N^Q~E#ß, Discordant Anomaly, and alt.sim.exe online)
Hyperreal Hyperverse requires 5 Dragon Scale

Then 7 Dragon Scale for whatever is left.   There is a leftover collectible 7 Soul which may come after or I might use them for one of the later chapters like Ch.7 and/or 9.
I'm very excited to see how it will turn out and how much bigger this level will get.

I was wondering if there would be a way to go back to the main hub / world from the final stretch as I was unable to travel back. Unless it's another difference between normal and free roam mode.

Also, since you are talking about chapters, will they be triggered by having the required number of collectibles to go to a whole new area ?

I hope the bosses will be implemented as smoothly as you want it to be !

Good luck for the rest of the rework / expansion !
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Azure Serenity: Tranquil Dreams
« Last post by Shreeps on August 10, 2019, 15:10:09 »
I think there is closer to 3500-4000 but some are placed really far away. 
There are a lot of filtered zones including the one at the start but most of them are later.  Here is what it used to look like:

Spoiler: (click to show/hide)

Story is the normal mode while free roam marks all the chapter flags as completed and gives access to any power-ups.  In the original I used 2 files for these options for the map for people who just wanted to explore more non-linearly early on but now with this choice screen that is no longer necessary.  I just thought it would be cool to have that new intro section to help set the mood and change the original route.   

After making progress you will get to a point where you have to go to the Vigilant Docks to continue any further and this is the end of the prologue.  There you can pick Ch. 1-3 in any order but they are still being worked on.  The chapter gateways activate the completion flag however and so you can travel back easily. Some are prequisite to unlock the next.  To get to Ch. 5 and 7 you need to use the airport in Ch. 2 for example. he stages further in are less finished.  Ch 1, 2, 3, 8 are mostly laid out but missing detail.  4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and on are mostly positioned but incomplete and/or disconnected from the normally accessable areas.  The video and site shows off screens from all zones and you can access many from the collections/credits rooms teleporters. (Requires Eye from any ch.1-3)

Also updated with a link to the original classic version. :)  I'm trying to replace all the songs that would trigger copyright from youtube so just warning not all those songs are out yet.
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Azure Serenity: Tranquil Dreams
« Last post by SC on August 09, 2019, 17:57:50 »
First things first... wow, this map is huge. I ran it through the KSMapSize tool and it told me that this level had over 100,000 screens. o_o

Second: when I played the level for myself, it had this weird color pallete filter and after several screens of walking left it took me to a screen where I had to choose between 'Story' and 'Free Roam'. Is there a difference between these two choices? If so, then why is that screen not at the beginning of the game? Also, did you choose that color pallete filter on purpose?

Third: When you say 'only the Prologue is complete,' what do you mean by this? Do you mean in terms of content or in terms of story?

Overall, though, this is a really impressive level. I might just have to stream it at some point. ;)
Azure Serenity: Tranquil Dreams is an ongoing rework/expansion to the classic knytt stories level Azure Serenity! (Requires KS+)

Download Build 2: (Sept 21 2019)

Link to Original 2014 Version:

Site with all zones:


Map (So far)

Video of all Zones and Prototypes:

Video of Prologue playthrough:

Several areas have been updated and/or moved along with tons of new ones added.  In addition to being harder there are now new "chapters" with entirely new hubs that split up zones in a smoother way.  Every chapter acts as a new start with power-up resets. Only the Prologue is complete (with new feature:Bosses!) and because of this most collectables are not final. The colored cat collectables have been made into new gatekeeper type collectables that will allow access to new zones in new Chapter hubs.

We are looking for submissions in expanding Azure Serenity: Tranquil Dreams :)   Also don't forget to check back for occasional updates.

Submissions and Rules -
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Credits -
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Screenshots -
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