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[ Download the level ] (file size: ~50MB, KS mods not required)

[ Mirror (Dropbox) ]

Forgotten Realms is a sort-of-open-world playground level with a big focus on exploration. This project was mostly an attempt to string together many of my discarded/abandoned KS levels as I could, although it also features a pretty big number of brand new tilesets and assets.

It is a rather big world composed of several areas, each of them with its own distinct theme and gameplay mechanics. Some of them are merely for you to roam while you enjoy the scenery and music, whereas others will present you with classic KS challenges (traps and enemies), light mazes and even puzzles involving hidden passages and collectibles. There's a little bit of everything here!

  • A total of 25 distinct areas to explore! 10 of them can be accessed simply by collecting powers. You can unlock another 7 areas by collecting keys and finding hidden passages, and 8 more by finding special collectibles and codes (see below)
  • Tons of custom graphics by yours truly and many other authors (Fubaka, Purple Ink, Brian Lehmann and all the cool people who contributed to the Community Tileset Project).
  • 20 tracks of ambient music by Fubaka (mostly from his albums Deparct, Proturian EP and Nihilurian EP), as well as many custom ambiance tracks.
  • 9 hidden energy crystals (custom collectible). Find all of them and use them at a certain place to get access to a set of bonus areas!
  • A secret glyph code divided into 5 pieces scattered through the entire world. This can be entered at a special room to unlock yet another set of bonus areas.
  • Four easter egg mini-areas referencing some of my other works.

Knytt Stories + is supported but not required. This level runs in vanilla KS without any mods. However, playing it in KS+ will enable the following extra features:

  • Bonus collectibles: 100 coins and 50 golden creatures. NOTE: golden creatures are generally much harder to find and/or collect than the coins and crystals. They don't unlock any new areas/features and are simply intended for players than want an added challenge.
  • Extra graphical effects (custom character sprites, fog...) in some areas.
  • Limited support for KS+'s map function (you need to enable the "Force Map" menu option manually, though)
  • Single pass rendering enabled by default (minimizes flickering during animations and transitions)

As usual, feel free to post here asking for hints or just sharing your thoughts on the level. Hope you enjoy this adventure through these once forgotten lands! Also... happy new year!

PLEASE NOTE: This will be the final version of the level and it contains all the stuff I originally planned to make for it. Unfortunately, due to circumstances that forced my hand, I wasn't able to spend as much time as I'd have wanted on testing and polishing this final release. Hopefully this only means you might spot very minor graphical issues here and there, but if you run into any serious game-breaking problems, please let me know and I'll try to address them and release a fixed version when I can.
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Frozen Mountain 2 - The Return
« Last post by PigeonVoyageur on January 03, 2020, 10:58:36 »
Oh yeah it's a bit hard to see on this screen.
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Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Frozen Mountain 2 - The Return
« Last post by zhynna on January 01, 2020, 21:24:54 »
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As I understand it, I need to use a double jump to go upstairs, in this place, or in some other place. But I canít do it. Maybe I need a high jump?
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Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Frozen Mountain 2 - The Return
« Last post by PigeonVoyageur on January 01, 2020, 09:39:50 »
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Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Frozen Mountain 2 - The Return
« Last post by zhynna on December 31, 2019, 21:42:16 »
What should I do in the shape of a rabbit in heaven? I am stuck. Plz help :-)
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Frozen Mountain 2 - The Return
« Last post by Drakkan on December 31, 2019, 02:34:50 »
I have spent more time than intended with all the changes. Still, it is not tested properly and itīs missing some features I wanted implement.
The main core should work fine. Enjoy and let me know if you discover some gamebreaking bugs.

IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!! to play last version of Frozen Mountain you will need Knytt Stories +
You can get it here

level link:

Version 6 main changes:
- huge graphical updates trough whole level
- new areas and gameplay
- golden creatures
- golden coins
- boss fight
- around 1300 screens to roam
- hidden angels
- lots of custom music and sounds
- over 200 custom objects
Looking forward to it! I love levels focused in exploration and collectables! Thank you for releasing it even if not fully finished.
I have both good and bad news regarding this project. The bad news is that, due to personal reasons, I will most likely have very little time (if any) to dedicate to game/level design in the near future, which means I don't have a choice but to stop working on this level. The good news is that I managed to finish making all the areas I originally planned and the vast majority of the bonus content I wanted before this happened, so the level is basically complete and playable all the way to the end (in a manner of speaking, since this is a playground level with no ending cutscene) at this point. The only remaining stuff to do is to finish a very small after-game bonus area (which is about 70% done) and to place some extra KS+ collectibles here and there.

After thinking it over very carefully, I've decided to try and finish the bits I mentioned and fix some of the issues found while alpha testing in the next few days, and then release the level as-is. Ideally, I'd like to hold a second round of betatesting and then take my time polishing whatever rough edges and last-minute issues there might be, but that's simply not possible at this time, nor do I have any idea of when I'd be able to do all of that. Still, I'm not at all unhappy with the current status of the level and I'd rather not have a finished level collecting digital dust for months/years without being released (wouldn't be the first time!), so I believe this will be for the best in this case.

In other news, it looks like the final screen count will be somewhere around 600, not counting duplicates nor empty screens. Not quite as big of a world as Gaia or Advena, but you'll probably be exploring and collecting stuff for quite a while, especially if you're a completionist :P2
Have you deleted the level? The link doesn't work.
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: [KS+] [Scenic/Challenge] [Hard] [Small] Nectar
« Last post by ixMarcel on December 10, 2019, 18:37:45 »
I like it too, though I guess I have a tendency to be pretentious.
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