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Ooooooooooh. Gonna have to stream this after I move to the new place. This looks pretty good...
Loving the level. Loved Advena and this is even better. The underwater feature is a brilliant idea.

I've managed to get all but three creatures and one trophy before resorting to the level editor. However I'm stuck. Even with the editor I can't find the eye. Can I have a clue?? Please????

Edit: Never mind -  I just worked it out. Very clever level design!
Played for a bit. The parts where Dewdrop Caverns connects to other tilesets look absolutely great. This is the first level where I wish I could scroll around when looking at the map. Also, I didn't realize you started with the map powerup and once I was able to check the map while wandering it felt so much less daunting. I feel like any epic exploration based levels could use it just so the player knows when they've been somewhere before. I stopped to post once I got killed by the toast in the tree, but it seems great, lots of small cool touches, and some really good tilesets. (I also cheated and looked at the files so I also want to say that Fubaka's contributions are also top notch.)
Ho-boy, this is another big one, isn't it? I've downloaded it and given it a quick play and I can already tell there's a TON here! Thanks for making it, and I look forward to exploring all that there is to see!
Years ago Juni discovered the new land of Fallonar. She told her knytt friends about it and many of them settled in. However, trouble arose. A wizard is threatening to destroy the knytts so Juni must return to Fallonar and try to stop him.

I'm pleased to finally present Reditus! :D

This level requires egomassive's KS+ mod. Download KS+ here.

Download the level:
Through Google drive
Through Catbox

Thanks to VG for beta-testing! :)
doubleplusgood sooch++
Knytt Stories / Re: Vanished Knytt Levels
« Last post by helvetzia on March 30, 2020, 01:24:41 »
I'm so glad I decided to troll you since you called my bluff and gave me a thorough answer!  X-P
Knytt Stories / Re: Vanished Knytt Levels
« Last post by Shreeps on March 29, 2020, 22:46:05 »
My favorites so far  El Gabe - Old Man's Lighthouse several screens are astonishing visually
and Johnny - Paradise Last Lots of good custom stuff.

Also I like this one Lol:   TJ - A Kick In the Nuts

These show some promise:

Comhon and Andula - Knytt Garden.knytt
mnm - magnus   
Tsuzo - Vasilissa

Anything by Alex Silva, I don't think Palace City Adventure was finished but Silent Abode is really good horror-ish.

Anything by Emeraldfire7, Shawnachu, Ripen, Klamrisk, Razzorman
Heya folks! It's been quite a while since I last posted anything here. Time for some new and exciting stuff.

A random tileset I made with absolutely no prior planning nor any art direction whatsoever, surprising no one. The clouds are made of white squares for some reason. I added the pears at the last minute. Pears are good for you. Maybe I should add them to the list of possible sequels to Tomatoes, right after lemons and celery...

Yet another CGA 4-color retro set I started some time ago but never used for anything. I went with the yellow-red-green palette this time. The background in the demo pic is a gradient I used previously in some of my retro-themed levels such as The Dithered Temple.

You'll find the actual tilesets below in the "attached files" area. As usual, feel free to use/remix them in your levels.
Knytt Stories / Re: Vanished Knytt Levels
« Last post by helvetzia on March 29, 2020, 03:59:35 »
hello. which level is best level please. thank you.
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