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Forum Games / Re: Keep a word, drop a word!
« Last post by Talps on Today at 19:58:57 »
Shift delays. They're great. They allow for some pretty creative and unique timer-based challenges, like the ones in Ultigonio's 2016 masterpiece, Deep Freeze.

What's not so great is that if you set the delay time to something unrealistically large, like 28800000, it'll still work as intended, allowing particularly sadistic level designers to force players to stay on a single screen for several hours. What's even worse is that if Juni leaves the screen or dies, the shift is canceled out, and all that time the player spent waiting for the shift to happen is wasted. Thankfully, that sort of thing has never actually been done in a level.

Until today, that is.

I discovered this neat little quirk back in July of last year thanks to Sergio, Gliperal, and ixMarcel. Since then, i've always wanted to find some way to make a joke level (or joke challenge within a regular level) with this as its main gimmick, but i never really found a proper use for it. And then, earlier this month, Desert Bus For Hope 2019 happened and it gave me a sudden burst of inspiration.

So yeah, here's a level that's basically Desert Bus in KS.


Spoiler: Screenshots (click to show/hide)
Forum Games / Re: Keep a word, drop a word!
« Last post by Comhon on Today at 19:16:49 »
Tomato battle
Knytt Experiment / Re: Database availability
« Last post by Comhon on Today at 18:38:21 »
Thanks for the link. Looking forward to plaing it again.
Knytt Experiment / Re: Database availability
« Last post by StraightFlame on Today at 15:59:47 »
I complained about this on Niffcord a year ago and Sergio Cornaga was kind enough to send me a Dropbox link with all the areas he had. And apparently that link is still up.

Quote from: Sergio
hopefully up to date
doe 2009 seem like a reasonable time for people to have stopped working on knytt experiment?
as a bonus you get:
a) authentic timestamps
b) my savefile
c) possibly a level i was working on and didn't complete or something?
Knytt Experiment / Database availability
« Last post by Comhon on November 18, 2019, 21:22:14 »
Hello all,
today I got a nostalgic vibe, so I wanted to play the Knytt Experiment. However, it seems the server is dead?
Does anyone have the areas downloaded? In that case, could they be added to niffpage?
Thank you a lot for this piece of software. Just played GTF and now I am really looking forward to WADF. You made me to try playing it again (and hopefully I will finish it this time).
Forum Games / Re: Could you do me a favour?
« Last post by Talps on November 13, 2019, 19:29:13 »
Um, I totally would only... my coat is in the wash, and, you know, can't go out on a cold night without a coat!

I'd be very much appreciative if you could be so kind as to do my Christmas shopping for me? I can pay; I just can't be bothered to do the actual shopping.
Knytt Stories Level Previews / Re: [KS+] What is the name of this Software ?
« Last post by LPChip on November 12, 2019, 14:24:37 »
Also, Nifflas uses Unity nowadays. Unity is far more powerful than MMF was. Also, it is free.
Knytt Stories Level Previews / Re: [KS+] What is the name of this Software ?
« Last post by sergiocornaga on November 12, 2019, 11:08:42 »
The software used is called Multimedia Fusion. That version of the software is no longer available for sale, but a newer version called Clickteam Fusion is available. It goes on sale or is available in bundles from time to time if you are interested in buying it but would rather wait for a better price.
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