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Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Talps on November 28, 2021, 13:23:53 »
Granted; your kitchen floor now has a sort of giant windscreen wiper which turns on every few moments and sweeps all the mess from your kitchen floor onto the floor of the neighbouring room. Also, you can't turn it off, and while it isn't strong enough to hurt you or to knock you over, it is quite annoying having it banging against your feet several times a minute.

I wish my house was better insulated.

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Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Polana on November 27, 2021, 18:24:41 »
Granted. Although the chicken is capable of doing your job, it otherwise acts as a normal chicken, so it shits everywhere, cackles all the time, lays eggs at unexpected places, has poor attention span and so on, so you spend most of your worktime either cleaning up after it, looking for hidden eggs and chasing it to make it to do same work so you boss wouldn't realize something is odifferent. You don't get the time off you wanted.

I wish for some sort of self cleaning floor at the kitchen.

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Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Vegetal Gibber on November 27, 2021, 14:38:00 »
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Granted. They start selling it right now! However, since not many people want to have ice-cream at this time of the year, they conclude there's no demand for this particular flavor and just drop it again after a few weeks... this time for good.

I wish I could train a chicken to do my job with my employer being none the wiser.
In the first quater of this year I worked on a project making the tilesets browsable more easily. Unfortunatelly it kinda stalled and I did not finish it yet, since I somehow lost the flow. Recently when I was reading posts on Niffcord I noticed a few mentions about this Custom Content archive and realized it is quite shame I never published it despite mentioning I am working on that. I realized I made a alpha test version of the archive, so I decided to publish it "as is" for now, since it could be useful anyways.
Getting back to the project after a half of year could be a challenge, but I am considering continuing my work on it. That is also why I am posting this to get some feedback and maybe some insight what to do next. I had big plans with this project, and got a bit overwhelmed - just that probably was the case I discontinued it for some time.
Knytt Underground / Re: Time for a sequel? ;)
« Last post by Vreschen on November 24, 2021, 20:49:38 »
I'd love a sequel, but it should be noted that Nifflas experienced a sizable amount of trauma before and/or after development on this game took place, and as such he might be very hesitant to create a direct successor.
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Talps on November 24, 2021, 02:00:46 »
@VG I PMed you before I saw this but oooooh!
Thanks Polana! <3 I feel a little better today so hopefully I'm getting there. Immune systems are awesome.

Granted, they start making it again, but they don't sell it in your country.

I wish they would start selling my favourite ice-cream in the UK again. It's been so long!
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Polana on November 23, 2021, 22:36:52 »
Granted. New flavour is released and you like it so much you soon become addicted. However, everyone else think it's awful and it's soon discontinued.

While we are at it: I wish they started making that dark chocolate with sesame seeds again.

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Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Vegetal Gibber on November 23, 2021, 20:21:03 »
Granted. A new KS mod is released, which includes that exact feature among many others. It uses a completely new level format that is not backwards compatible though, so all existing KS levels have to be remade in the new level editor before they can be played.

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I wish for a brand new non-awful breakfast cereal flavor.
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by canteven / ncrecc on November 22, 2021, 18:29:37 »
Granted. It's an invisible tileset, like the kind used in Strolling Simulator Pro (but with a 3 by 3 block devoted to an invisible grapefruit). It's so awesome, that everyone uses it constantly, devoting entire areas of their levels to it.

I wish there were a mod that makes invisible tilesets visible by setting the opacity of any pixel between 0 (exclusive) and 127 to 127.
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Talps on November 22, 2021, 11:48:22 »
Granted. It instead has only ctrl, WASD and arrow keys, making it useless for actual typing.

(Just to say, my symptoms are pretty mild, no more than a nasty cold. I'm so grateful for my vaccines!)

I wish Veg would make a grapefruit tileset that I could use for making Polana's invisible death maze level.
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