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If you're on Niffcord, you might've seen that Stalwart Constellation was going to be officially declared "dead" yesterday. I'm kinda hesitant to actually do that, though. It's absolutely possible that i'll start working on it again at some point, and when i do, i'll make sure to let you all know.

I'll still upload the object and tileset recolors (as well as a Gradient84 recolor) here like i said i would, though. You're free to use them in your own levels, whether as templates for your own object recolors or completely unedited. (Honestly, i should've made and released object templates anyway, but i was too lazy.)

I'm not sure how to handle actually uploading all 175 images in a convenient way, so for now i've just put them in a zip file and attached it to this post. If you've seen the screenshots from the Stalwart Constellation thread, you know what to expect. In case you haven't, here they are again:
Spoiler: Screenshots (click to show/hide)
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: [misc][easy]WHAT
« Last post by PigeonVoyageur on May 12, 2020, 17:43:34 »
All these levels have been uploaded on the archive here:
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: [misc][easy]WHAT
« Last post by bernd on May 12, 2020, 16:35:00 »
download not working anymore
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: [Environmental/Misc] [Easy] Cat
« Last post by bernd on May 12, 2020, 16:34:21 »
download link not working anymore :-/
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: [Misc] [Easy] Cat 2
« Last post by bernd on May 12, 2020, 16:33:12 »
ehm, where is the cat  download?

I mean, the , post isnt telling me too much :-/
Knytt Stories - Custom Content / Re: Advena tilesets/gradients
« Last post by Purple Ink on May 09, 2020, 23:54:09 »
Advena tilesets have been removed in favour of the improved tilesets used in Reditus.
Knytt Stories - Custom Content / Reditus Tilesets
« Last post by Purple Ink on May 09, 2020, 23:53:29 »
Here is a dump of most tilesets used in Reditus. I left out the utility ones I needed specifically for certain screens in Reditus because I don't think anyone else would need them. Included on each tileset I made is the palette of the main colours used (excluding black and white). Use, edit, and distribute these tilesets freely for all Knytt Stories projects.

Note that viewing these might spoiler hidden or secret areas in the level.

Tilesets by Purple Ink:

Spoiler: (click to show/hide)

Tilesets by Fubaka:

Spoiler: (click to show/hide)
Just saw this at the top and played it for the first time. Love these little levels with custom tilesets, custom music, and a wide range of difficult challenges. I loved this tileset especially. Thanks for making this!
Hi, I am currently playing the level and I know basically where I have to go.
but I just cant find a way to cross that one room 2 screens right of the umbrella.

this is a jump that basically requires the umbrella, yet you have to cross it in order to get it.

no idea how. there are no secret blocks or anthing ( i looked at that screen in the editor, so I can be sure)

Edit:Nevermind. I'm dumb :-)
I totally forgot about the hologram ability...
Also, the object is entirely a challenge to get from the start to the credits.
I don't get this point. Isn't it the objective in any level that isn't Playground?

I meant it's not a puzzle or maze. Though you could argue they are challenges too.

Spoiler: (click to show/hide)

As this is a sequel to Advena I guess I just took it for granted that people would have played it and retained some knowledge of the map.
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