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I shall test. Send me a DM here or on the Discord when you are ready.
[KS Extended] [Challenge/maze] [Large] [Very hard] Solid soap

I'm looking for beta testers for my upcoming level. It's about 90% done but I can't get to make the remaining 10 so I may as well let other people test it. It has 3 endings, lots of collectibles and some stuff that was barely used in any of the few KS Ex levels that were made so far. Most importantly it has great soundrack by Lucinda.
I plan to release it around the end of the year because I won't have much time to work on it till October or so (my job is tied to vegetational season) so you if you don't have enough time right now but you're interested in it, it doesn't really matter, there will be plenty of time to test.

Preview thread for some screenshots.
Great level, really sets the bar high for little funny levels. I hope you two will continue to work together from time to time. I especially liked the flat earther farm.
After watching DonDoli's playthrough of this level I've made some changes that should improve the level overall. Download links have been updated. Please download the newest version for the best experience. :)

Spoiler: Changelog (click to show/hide)
I just replayed Shamira while waiting with great impatience for the 3rd part.. (maybe it will be a nice gift for Christmas ?)
There is so much poetry and beauty in this level... and sweetness too. I'm going to create a new category "feel-good levels" in my best of lol
Attention to small details too... I noticed the lighthouse painting hanging in the library ;-)
congratulations again :-D
Thanks, everyone! Glad you enjoyed our level. If you liked the transitions, here is the tool I created to make them. It is not at all polished, sorry! You can upload a custom image instead of the circle—SVGs will work best. Also, if anyone knows how to reduce the flickering I'd love to know.

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Makes me wonder though if this concept could me modified a bit for a future level. Perhaps after each section, you select from a full list of powerups and that selection sets you on a different challenge the next day. Just a thought, of course.

I think there's a lot of room to explore this sort of progression in the future. We didn't really get to do that aspect of the design justice, in my opinion.
A beautiful one. Enjoyed it from the start to end and I totally will replay it again to get to all the endings. Music is great, giving it a memorable atmosphere.
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Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Talps on July 15, 2024, 18:44:57 »
Granted. You can have one. It's really good. But you'll never have a second.

I wish I could have as many liquorice ice lollies as I want, because honestly that does sound good.
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Polana on July 15, 2024, 12:38:11 »
Granted. Your home is now completely filled with loose tea leaves. Good luck digging through it.

I wish I could actually have the licorice ice lolly jetio4 come up with when corrupting my previous wish.

(I have no desire to taste the other ones so the corruption still works.)
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Purple Ink on July 15, 2024, 04:12:18 »
Granted. You can now a hair just by wanting to but only the same one every time.

I wish for more tea.
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