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Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by LPChip on Today at 09:22:17 »
Granted. You learn about a serries called "Hai Nakto Powaka", an incredibly good japanese anime. It is a very rare series though and only being aired in japan. Someone on a holiday taped the first eposide and put english subtitles under it and you have watched that. It is incredibly good. The anime series is 10 seasons long and still running, and you happen to have seen the very first episode. And you want more. You want to see it all. It is tht good. But... The anime series is only aired in japan and there's no way to actually see it. Visiting Japan isn't an option. So now you know of a really good anime series, but you can't watch more than the first episode of it.

I wish I had a box that I could turn on, would suck in heat (cooling air around it) and trap the heat inside, such that I can move the box elsewhere, open it, and release the heat so I can reuse it to quickly cool any room.
Uurnog / Uurnlimited Challenge [Hard] The Save Room is Lava
« Last post by kilicool64 on Today at 00:48:15 »
So I finally got around to playing Uurnlimited. And while its new additions left me with mixed feelings overall, I found a way to use a few of them for this super unconventional challenge that wouldn't have been possible in the original. I'm not particularly optimistic that anyone will actually give it a shot, given that this is probably one of the least popular of Nifflas' major games, but I'd love to be proven wrong. So here goes:

Get the Vault Ending without ever entering the save room. No cheating whatsoever.
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Talps on Yesterday at 17:16:06 »
Granted; Cyprus Dwarf Elephants are brought back from extinction a la Jurassic Park (though they're slightly smaller than they used to be because of genetic reconstruction reasons that definitely make sense). A pet trade arises but it is exploitative and abusive and is soon banned across much of the world - though not in the US, where an awful reality TV show soon arises revolving around a feud between two weird dwarf elephant breeders.

I wish I knew of a really good anime series to watch.
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Polana on Yesterday at 12:02:47 »
Granted. I'll wish for that dog-sized elephants one more time so Talps can post his corruption idea. But it won't be as cool and funny as he thinks it is.

I wish there was species of dog* sized elephants and that it was possible to keep them as a pets.

*I mean like german shepherd sized, not irish wolfhoud sized.
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Talps on June 14, 2021, 00:12:44 »
Granted. The intro cutscene has misspelled text with awful-to-the-point-of-impenetrable grammar, badly made in MS Paint laying out the story from Polana's corruption in a few sentences. The first few screens have a few knytts with text boxes referring to this plot (though the text doesn't fit in the boxes properly and Sign objects have been replicated instead of using Sign Area objects), and then it isn't mentioned again for the rest of the level, which contains a lot of empty screens, incredibly hard challenges, and scant save points. The ending can't be reached without cheating because there are a few screens missing and some broken shifts near the end. And if you do manage to find the last screen, you'll find that the level has the default 'You win' ending with no mention of the plot.

I wish that I'd been able to post the corruption idea I had for Polana's wish that I thought up this morning but didn't have time to type up.
Awesome, I hope you enjoy them! I'm so glad there's still a community going for this!
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by canteven / ncrecc on June 13, 2021, 17:57:52 »
Granted. They're sapient, and possibly smarter than humans and on the verge of taking of society, but if you save one's life and they're forever indebted to you, they might kind of act like a pet? Maybe? If they're up to it?

I misread the start of Polana's post as referring to Juni, and now I wish there were a KS level that included that as part of the plot.
Forum Games / Re: Corrupt-a-Wish
« Last post by Polana on June 13, 2021, 11:02:24 »
Granted. She fakes her death and funeral and appears five years later under different name freaking everyone who knew her out. The new girl denies any connection with her former identity but knows things only she would knew so everyone wonders if it's really her or some impostor.

I wish there was species of dog* sized elephants and that it was possible to keep them as a pets.

*I mean like german shepherd sized, not irish wolfhoud sized.
Knytt Stories Level Releases / Re: Posting a level I made many years ago!
« Last post by pfrangip on June 10, 2021, 01:26:50 »
Choice is EXCELLENT! It's a bit infamous in the Knytt circle... I don't think anyone knew who the author was! Thanks for coming forward!

I'll have to try Mission Delta... looking forward to it!
Knytt Stories / Re: How to start using Knytt Plus editor?
« Last post by egomassive on June 09, 2021, 19:19:53 »
What Talps said about the format is correct. In addition to that, you may want to start a new level with the Level Editor Plus and choose the KS+ option over the Original KS option. This will create a default level with special info.png and info+.png images as well as adding all the different folders needed for custom assets. You can then copy the things you need to the level you've been working on.
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