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Re: Knytt Stories Advanced (KS Mod)
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I apologize for that. I no longer support KSA personally, and I actually don't even have it on my current harddrive. If someone has it and wants to provide it, then by all means.. In the meantime I will look around my backups and edit this post when I have more information. Thanks for the interest in it, though. :)

EDIT: It has been found, and LPChip has kindly offered to host it for the sake of supporting levels that used it. He should have a link later. Thanks LPChip! :^^:

Don't worry about it.  I just found ver 1.7.  If you got beyond that it might be a curiosity.  I found that the benefits (don't actually remember) and the drawbacks (slower on my computer) about cancelled each other out and I could do just about everything with the original with some creative combining of features.  I have enjoyed your levels, though, and just became aware of KnyttWADF looking at your tag line.  It's a rich culture, this Knytt thing.


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Re: Knytt Stories Advanced (KS Mod)
« Reply #121 on: April 13, 2012, 18:05:56 »
New mirror provided. See original post, or here
on the left, above my avatar.

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