There is now a Knytt Stories podcast

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There is now a Knytt Stories podcast
« on: May 24, 2023, 08:33:20 »
So around a month ago, ixMarcel and I independently had dreams in which we were assisting each other with an important KS-related project via voice call. After discussing this for a little bit, it was revealed that we had both been wanting to do a podcast about KS. So you could say this was divinely inspired.

So far we've recorded two episodes, and in each we interview the other person about our history with the game and our creative process. We've uncovered some fascinating personal anecdotes and also figured out quite a bit about how the heck to do a podcast--we're still ironing out some technical details.

Some of our plans for the future are interviewing noteworthy creators and doing discussion episodes about certain levels. We're trying to put out an episode once a month or so.

Here's episode 1:

And episode 2:

Have fun! I will post updates in this thread.