All Beta Sound Effects (Higher quality than the current ones)

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After looking at the sound effects from a Knytt Stories beta, I realized something...
Almost half of the current ones are lower quality than those.

Originally, they were all 16 bit 44 kHz wavs, except for one.

Many of them were converted to 22 kHz, others to "8 bit wavs", some to mono, and others are shorter.
Nifflas probably wanted to shrink the game's filesize (I guess?), though some of the mono and shorter ones sound better in-game, for context reasons.

I made a pack with the higher quality ones, which were about half of the current ones.

Here it is

Some of the sounds Nifflas converted to mono, and some of the ones he shortened, are still high quality now.
You will find their original versions in the "Longer" and "Stereo" folders.

He left the others untouched, and 5 of them were missing (the shift sounds and the menu clicks). You can find those in the default Sound Effects pack.

You can put these into your KS levels after converting them to ogg. I recommend Audacity.

Whenever you don't need to mix or edit these files, use this ogg pack instead.

Thanks to Jace for extracting the sound effects from a beta build of KS.

Enjoy listening to high quality Chomp 500 times in less than a minute! :nuts:
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