About removing KS submit levels board

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About removing KS submit levels board
« on: February 28, 2009, 12:31:29 »
This is just my oppinion about this.

Well, personally I really do NOT like idea of removing KS submitting thread.

1. I do not trust that Level archive will be so perfect as old Submit level forum was. Rating system etc etc. Who is creating this and deciding how it will be looking ?
I can only hope it will contain at least sorting by category, difficulty, level size etc...  Such projects were mentioned hundreds times before. And never finished.

2. When you are going to download some KS level in future, you will have to go for another web(KS archive) where you can browse for levels you want. I liked more idea when having all things together at one place (because I am mainly KS fan). So perhaps should be KS level archvie more connected with this forum ? Some links at least ?

3. I do not understand why level previews are here. Its illogical for me. Previews here and you must go for full versions to KS archive ? Suggest to move previews to KS archive too.

4. Just - why this whole category was removed from Niff forum ?

5. Just another suggestion - to delete all levels from KS archive and begin from a start. I mean - when KS archive will be "finished" somehow, what you want to do with all that levels ?  It's just bunch of levels together, and they are NOT sorted in any way, so how you want to sort them ? You do not know which difficulty or size they are.
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Re: About removing KS submit levels board
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2009, 13:24:58 »
actually, most of the questions here are answered in this post. LPChip is creating it, and it WILL be good, and it WILL be finished. And it WILL be rather closely connected with this forum.
I tried to explain the "why" in the "About what happened"-post.
The previews are here because here is the place to discuss creativity-related things, so actually it fits pretty well, because people can here comment on concepts and help each other out.

I wish people would at least try to keep the discussion about this minimal and concentrated in one place, so I'm locking this thread.
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