Odyssey to Ataraxia [Challenge/Environmental/Scenic/Playground][Very Hard][Epic]

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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. I have been a fan of this fine game since the early days, playing many magnificent levels such as Cocoonworld, Stone Tiers and Seashell the day they arrived. After a long break in which I pursued many other noble pursuits such as a college double major in philosophy and history, spending time with my incredible and drop-dead beautiful girlfriend Tamara, along with perfecting the craft of furniture making, I decided I wanted to create a grand tribute to the glorious creative tool that is Knytt Stories.

I have been working on this level for around two years and seven months, often at night by my fireplace with a glass of the finest cab. It is titled Odyssey to Ataraxia, after one of my favorite literary works and the Greek philosophical concept of ataraxia, or tranquility. I have chosen to reject the new-fangled Knytt Stories Plus, for I believe that flashlight filters, extended dialogue boxes, and golden vermin go against the simplicity that Knytt Stories always stood for. I will also be using mostly default tilesets, for those in my view have always been the finest ones.

My Odyssey will have no less than 63 areas and twenty-eight optional secret side-quests. It also contains eighteen secret passageways for speedrunners and three fast-travel systems. All powerups will be acquired three times, as you lose all powerups twice over the course of the level in fall-from grace scenarios much like that of the Roman god Saturn, and Icarus flying too close to the sun. While I have crafted some of the toughest challenges this game has to offer, I also have crafted some extended viewing experiences, as challenge is obscenely overused in this game and I wanted to create soul-soothing walking simulator experiences, free of infiltration such as jumping, running, climbing, and enemies. Knytt Stories is as much about gorgeous sights as it is a gaming challenge.

I use all the rather excellent default music except for the vomitworthy Song14 and I'm also using custom music from talented artists such as Adrian von Ziegler, Kevin MacLeod, and the legendary rock band Jethro Tull.

It is being playtested by no less than eight of my closest friends. I am now in full speed ahead mode, and this level, at a formidable 300 mb, is due for release before the beginning of summer.

Fortitude, the virtue which enables us to endure pain, and to banish fear, is of great use in producing tranquility. Philosophy instructs us to pay homage to the gods, not through hope or fear, but from veneration of their superior nature. It moreover enables us to conquer the fear of death, by teaching us that it is no proper object of terror; since, whilst we are, death is not, and when death arrives, we are not: so that it neither concerns the living nor the dead.


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You do realize that the text box in the last screenshot has too much text in it to display properly, right?


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Welcome to the forums!
This looks really cool, a very unique style. Can't wait to try it out :)
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You do realize that the text box in the last screenshot has too much text in it to display properly, right?
It fits with everything else in that screenshot and the general vibe I get from the level.

Looking forward to it!