[Large] [Maze, Challenge] [Lunatic] Juni Rewrites JuniVersal Equation

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Juni Rewrites JuniVersal Equation is third level from Juni in TVA Adventure triology and my 4th level in general. All are KS regular levels.

Official poster, inspired by Marvel's Loki series.

This level is essentially a remake of Juni in the JuniVerse of Madness level, but most part of the gameplay is set in new parts of level such as Loom Control Room and Hostile Landscape Land by Polana remix afterwards.

Info screen.

The Juni in the JuniVerse of Madness is my imagination of what is going to be plot of Loki S2, then Loki S2 series got released and i got the idea to change gameplay of my 2nd level to fit the Loki lore correctly and have nice send off to Juni in some way.

Loom control room.

Loom control room set in time after protocol 1229, in which everyone from TVA is being reset into their timeline before they got recruited by TVA

Just like in Loki S2, Juni is about to have mission around Loom control room. When she's found out what to do, time slipping to Juni in TVA Adventure level finale is what is about to solve the game gameplay. But that ends the 2nd act of the level. Third one is pure insanity! Juni will project a Hostile Landscape Land by Polana level from different timeline. Mirrored with more enemies.

Upper picture tells about insanity of level, this is actually only things alive in multiverse. Black lines represent a dead branches from timelines. Juni have mission to get to the mountain in which energy is about to collect and Juni is set to sacrifice herself in order to become power source of restarted Multiversal Tree...

After all this is very big level, the three act gameplay explained:

1st act - Juni starts where 2nd game ends, mission is to get to the Loom control room.
2nd act - Loom puzzle mini level, after protocol 1229 TVA is set into 4 keys fail-safe mode, Juni is going to time slipping in events of 1st game (Juni in TVA Adventure) to get the 4 keys.
3rd act - Hostile Landscape Land by Polana remix level.

This is whole map of my level!

Original resolution link, 5000px4500px

Happy playing and sorry in advance for difficult parts, especially at Hostile Landscape Land remix in which save spots are like victory itself. And KG's Labyrinth is tough, it took around 20 minutes to run through it. Also to mention there are some cameo levels appearance.

-- Level download link --
Edit: download link is fixed now.
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Re: [Large] [Maze, Challenge] [Lunatic] Juni Rewrites JuniVersal Equation
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I did a bit of running around in the level, got through the very long KG maze, and explored a bit. I have to say, though. I found a lot of technical issues with the level, including several wallswims and a void access. I feel like this level could use a lot of refinement.

I'll probably head back in at a later time, when I am in a more agreeable mood to play something experimental like this. The size of the level is impressive, though, no doubt, and there were some parts that I found intriguing.
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