[Music] The Fubaka Master Collection

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[Music] The Fubaka Master Collection
« on: November 08, 2023, 05:41:45 »
Greetings. This is a big collection of all of my significant works as Fubaka over the years packed into one big Zip file. It includes the following albums:

01 - The Seven of Nine EP
02 - Thermosa
03 - Winterwalk EP
04 - Petri Soundtrack
05 - Proturian EP
06 - Our Legacy
07 - Deparct (with bonus tracks)
08 - Ansturian EP
09 - Nihilurian EP
10 - Farewell

As well as the following additional folders:
E1 - Other songs (a collection of singles not found on the albums)
E2 - Fubaka's Archive (a collection of "unfinished" songs released on Newgrounds)
E3 - Really old songs (a collection of stuff made in 2008, while I was still learning how to use FL Studio)

You can find the download link here. Beware: it's a 1.3 GB file: https://archive.org/details/the-fubaka-master-collection
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