[Album] Music from The Search for Silence: Volume Three

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[Album] Music from The Search for Silence: Volume Three
« on: November 01, 2023, 14:20:01 »
Listen on Bandcamp: https://thecupbearer.bandcamp.com/album/music-from-the-search-for-silence-volume-three
Listen on Archive.org: https://archive.org/details/the-cupbearer-music-from-the-search-for-silence-volume-three-16-now-and-forever-

The passage of time matters little to those who adhere to The Principle. Mega-annum after mega-annum will only purify those who have strayed from the path, and the fruits of their past labors will keep the fire burning for as long as they are able.

01 - All Which Could Remember Once is Back There (4:03)
02 - The Morning After All Mourning (3:14)
03 - Yet a Primal Warmth Did Endure (3:44)
04 - Daytime Aurora Borne Through Warped Glacial Ice (4:12)
05 - A Prelude to Paradise (1:37)
06 - New Mutations Arising Along the Riverbank (6:03)
07 - Mechanical Memories Cast into the Bo÷tes (3:45)
08 - Every Story Must End (4:54)
09 - Our Forest, which Now Extends Even to the Heavens (2:53)
10 - Here Now, Renaissance of Sol (7:15)
11 - Congregation of the Dead Hare Culture (3:40)
12 - Hushed Echoes from an Era which Shall Never Arise Again (1:49)
13 - And Story Ends (3:49)
14 - Becoming Earth, All Now in Equanimity (7:18)
15 - And Yet Clouds, Those Transient Things, Did Remain (2:00)
16 - Now and Forever, We Hold to The Principle (9:09)
17 - Sentient Gemstones Forever Locked Inside a Lunar Cave (5:06)
18 - Solar Plasma Transfusion is Ongoing (4:50)

Total length: 79:29

Another volume done! Just to be clear: by the end of this, there will be eight volumes, plus an additional supporting album at the end. I hope you enjoy this work.
Things to remember when writing figures of speech and sound:
The power of poetry comes from the ability to defy logic. Defy logic often.

Use a metaphor and tell us that your lover is the sky. Tell us that your lover is the sky. When you do that, we won't believe you. We won't believe you because saying so makes no sense, but we'll see a meaning. We'll see a meaning.

The other thing is the ability to be remembered. Love anything.

Love anything