[Album] Falling into a Ditch with Wibi

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[Album] Falling into a Ditch with Wibi
« on: August 19, 2023, 01:26:42 »

music i made, mainly downtempo, from july 2023 to august 2023. the title is based on "Listen Up with Cabaret Voltaire" except instead of listening you are falling into a ditch. with me.

as always it is free. my target audience is people who fell into a cave and have limited cell service and can only download one album. this decreases the need for competition.

favorite track is Modernist (track 7).

some of the tracks are labeled "BONUS:" because they didn't fit into the track progression and have a different sound from everything else

1. Sad People Don't Go to Manhattan (04:07). originally titled "good people don't get in situations like this" and then i fired the neurons and came up with this name. samples some noise from a vinyl rip, and at the end it incorporates some concert banter by they might be giants.
2. Worst Vilbel (02:18). named for, and samples, "Second Bad Vilbel" by autechre. bad vilbel is the name of a town.
3. Slowlife (02:01). very minimalist. i made this with the limitation of only using very small samples (less than 1000 sample points each).
4. Bogus (02:22). this one i previewed in the ljus discord not too long ago. spoken samples from Audio Active - Happy Shopper. this track is based on when i was listening to a track from my previous album, hippo, with my headphones on the desk and i only heard the percussion.
5. Music Isn't Real (02:53). basically just a bunch of weird short concepts bashed together into 2 minutes 53 seconds. includes a section in a weird time signature that i don't know if i actually pulled off. fun times.
6. Sky Music (01:35). made entirely with "homemade" samples i recorded myself (this time mainly weird environmental noises but also the iphone shutter sound).
7. Modernist (02:50). continuation of "music for modern homes" 1 & 2 from the previous album, with the same base samples and some more added. very melancholy.
8. Fare Collector (01:30). this is an alternate version of a cover of They Might Be Giants - Token Back to Brooklyn i submitted to a tmbg cover album.

made with openmpt.