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[Album] Next Real Album
« on: August 06, 2023, 12:01:40 »
so i made like 10 albums other than this but this is probably the most coherent one. very annoying though.
SC called it similar to early c418, as it happens that was a lot of my inspiration alongside tackhead and art of noise
short clips of other music are commonly sampled and pitchshifted for instruments or percussion, as i do not own any gear except a guitar, though some self-made samples are also present.

^ click to listen & download (free)

(that's the name of the album. it's not upcoming; it's already been released. the album is named "Next Real Album" and it has already been released.)

tracklist and commentary follows. references to my previous material will be in italics.

01 - Bonus Bonus Beats (2:52)
remix of my beats (originally known as "my bonus beats"). 3-part song. samples random bits of the soundtrack to roger corman's 1961 film "Creature from the Haunted Sea"
02 - The American Dream (4:03)
downbeat track using some samples from nurykabe's remix chain project; a bit meandering
03 - Wow Look How Easy It Is To Do IDM (1:52)
yeah i am kind of making fun of autechre. i wanted to do a polymeter thing eschewing musical convention (i don't know musical convention anyway)
04 - Hippo (2:23)
kind of jazzy track. uses the "zak" snare from nifflas's sample pack. ending is a ripoff of Jesse Rae - Umhlaba Jikelele and includes a cheesy noir monologue. the cymbals in the beginning are heavily pitchshifted from Alias Conrad Coldwood - Hip 2-2, hence the name
05 - Auxiliary (0:43)
this was sitting around and i put it in the album. (technically everything was just sitting around and i put it in the album, but this was particularly last-minute.) the method of sampling noise like this is similar to home music 7.5
06 - Tsch (1:32)
another song with remix chain samples. i never really finished this one. the little shop of horrors (1960) was previously sampled in my teeth
07 - Music for Modern Homes (0:46)
a continuation of my home music album; all samples here are recorded by myself. features an old piano that was near my old apartment (also heard in Hippo)
08 - Music for Modern Homes 2 (0:49)
sequel to the above track. a lot less coherent, and i wasn't sure where to go with it (if you can tell)
09 - A Trophy & All Beef (The Silent Technique) (3:08)
a song recorded entirely without listening to it, similar to nurykabe's deaf weeks album. as a result it's a sonic trainwreck. uses beats playground as a base, but the kick and snare samples were later changed.
10 - Blind Fish (Swimming in a Cave) (1:20)
a song sampling the 1959 roger corman film "a bucket of blood". also uses some art of noise drums.
11 - Some Spider Thing (1:16)
a song sampling They Might Be Shitposting's audioplay/skit take on They Might Be Giants - Spider. uses oberheim dmx cymbals
12 - Awful (1:55)
a pretty loose remix of the boss theme from "Awesome" on the amiga, originally intended for a bonus area in my KS level Gaseous soap. later i made a slightly extended version of this i might release eventually.
13 - I Haven't Stolen Enough From Ministry Yet (1:09)
another take on beats playground, this time with ministry drums (and a lifted riff from Ministry - All Day)
14 - Shop (0:53)
short song with heavy beats. meant as a shop theme for a video game. glockenspiel sampled from They Might Be Giants - Shoehorn with Teeth. as with Awful i extended this later.
15 - Hello (0:57)
this was made a while ago, i forget what it was for if anything
16 - Uh-Oh! Boring Stupid Time (2:42)
this is a very cliche techno song using the built-in openmpt samples, made as a joke for a game jam soundtrack release
17- That Was Exciting (0:53)
downbeat outro.

made in openmpt
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