Knytt Stories dreams

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Knytt Stories dreams
« on: June 11, 2023, 14:04:59 »
do you ever have Knytt Stories dreams. i started this thread because i had a Knytt Stories dream.

i had a dream everyone switched over to a beta fanmade "modernized" version of KS that wasn't written in mmf2. it had smooth scrolling within large areas like knytt experiment, and instead of 2 tilesets per screen it was 1 really giant tileset per area, which was neat. there was a hub area through which you accessed all of the levels.

unfortunately it was clear that the developers had no sense of game design or KS visual design (for the hub level) but that's ok since they were just starting. the physics were also wildly inaccurate and way too slippery, but, as a fan of the project, i justified it by saying "the physics between knytt and knytt experiment weren't the same either." also, i don't recall actually being able to use an editor, though i do remember scrolling through the giant tileset in the hub area in a really clunky windows XP-esque applet interface that took up the whole screen.

the developers also tried to implement crypto at one point but rolled it back when everyone expressed they didn't like it, although they kept a skinner box-y "coins" system in the game (tempted to call it "knyttcoin") where you would play levels to get coins and then in the hub level you could exchange those coins for things like skins and more levels.

also, to play the beta, you had to live in this really culty arrangement where you'd move to a building owned by the developers that was supposed to have a medieval feel (but mostly just looked like a cheap apartment) and was really sprawling and labyrinthy. cyan lines would randomly streak across your vision (apparently side effects from inhaling a particular gas), and there were a bunch of exits that looked like they went outside but actually lead to knytt stories-esque worlds with self-contained plots. to actually leave you had to dial a specific number on a telephone, and then two wall panels would temporarily open up that lead outside. this was only to be used for getting supplies. however, there was also a small store within the building with the same weird medieval theming, so theoretically you would never have to leave.

but hey it meant modernized KS so everyone was more or less fine with it. :]

(i personally subscribe to the idea that dreams are symbolic but i'm not telling you the symbolism behind this one, nyah.)
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Re: Knytt Stories dreams
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2023, 17:41:13 »
I rarely remember my dreams and they are mostly just rearranged stuff from my daily life anyway. While I don't recall any dream about KS or any other game, there were one or two dreams that stuck to me as they were set in a familiar yet strange enviroment I would like to use in a KS level one day.

The first one was set at a train station that really resembled one in northern part of a city where I worked before pandemic and where I have some friends and family so I still go there sometimes. The station used to be much more used but after the factory near it closed most trains go through it without stopping. There is just bare concrete, old glass bricks instead of normal windows covered in filth and graffitti, huge empty flowerpots, insanely dirty overpass, remnants of some old carriages on one of the rails and dispatcher who does not give a damn anymore. You get the idea.

So once I dreamt that for some reason I had to get out of train there late in the night ang get to the nearby tram stop which is something I rarely do in reality. I got off and went to the overpass but in the dream it was much deeper and I had to go through multiple levels to get out. It was just concrete floor and walls and old flickering strip lights, there were no people and surprisingly no rubbish. I felt that there are some people in the lower levels and I also heard underground (I mean U-bahn or subway) from there (there is no such thing in that city) but somehow I knew that I shouldn't go there as people on the lower levels are not friendly and I must keep in the upper levels even though all signs tell me to go down to got where I went. The whole dream felt really claustrophobic and there was this weird pulsing sound all the time. I have no idea if I got out in the end.

The second one was set in some swamp on insanely hot day. I walked in shallow water looking for some rare flower. There were tall reeds so I didn't saw where I'm going and little mounds where some annoying creatures lived so while these looked like nice places to rest in fact I had to avoid them. Also no idea how it ended. When I woke up from these exhausting dreams (I really felt like I walked all night after both of them) I made conscious attempt to remember at least the little I did after waking up (in both cases I feel there was much more to it) as I thought they would make good settings for some KS level.
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Re: Knytt Stories dreams
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2023, 00:45:09 »
I think a lot of people in this community have been having KS related dreams lately, or so they've told me. I had a dream some time ago that there was an OST song called Shoebox. I made it in my music program and it will be in my next level. I've had some dreams about users and some users have had dreams about me. One person in particular pops up in my dreams quite often as a background character. Maybe I'll tell them that someday.
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Re: Knytt Stories dreams
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2023, 05:43:50 »
I guess this counts but I had a dream where I met Talps. Literally don't remember anything else about the dream. X)


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Re: Knytt Stories dreams
« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2023, 04:12:56 »
not a KS dream specifically but i dreamed Nifflas was tweeting about the design of a puzzle in a project he was collaborating on. at one point the player is quarantined after exposure to mould spores and to progress they have to choose between taking one long bath or seven short showers, but if you're paying attention you've hopefully noticed the spores react to ingame music so you can bypass the whole sequence by choosing 'shower' then singing in the shower