[Hard] [Challenge] [Medium] Underwater Level (Unreleased 2019)

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In 2019 I was making a vanilla KS level! The concept was that I'd post it and be like "oh this is just my little way of getting back into levelmaking, nothing much" and it would be tagged [Small] [Easy], but then you'd play it and it would actually be this deceptively large and challenging experience with multiple endings. I even released a two-screen demo to determine if a jump was impossible.

This level has an interesting place in Wibi KS history. It:
There was a plot that had to do with Juni defeating Dr. Cliche (as usual) but in a deconstructive way that involves how Dr. Cliche in the Knytt canon isn't just a generic badguy. Unfortunately, said plot turned out really pretentious and plot-holey, and I wasn't sure how to go about one secret that would reveal the lore, so I procrastinated a bit.

And by "a bit", I mean, uh. Four years.

After a while of drip-feeding information about it in the Secret Screenshots thread, today I finally decided this will probably never get finished. Aside from some incomplete secret paths and unfinished visuals in one part, this level is fully playable, and has 4 endings (though one is more apologizing for a lack of ending).

Spoiler: Screenshots (click to show/hide)

Download HERE
91mb because there's way too much custom music sorry.
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