[Puzzle][Hard (Very Hard?)][Small] Gustav's Planets

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[Puzzle][Hard (Very Hard?)][Small] Gustav's Planets
« on: April 03, 2023, 19:35:55 »

Gustav's Planets (or Gustav's planets, i've been kinda inconsistent with caps) is an April Fools level, meant to look and feel like a poorly-made level by an inexperienced author. It's a fairly standard quest to get four keys, scattered across four different planets... or is it? Seems like the author has been neglecting that "test level" button, and none of the keys can be reached the intended way. But maybe you can put your KS knowledge to good use here, and find a different, not-so-intended way to get each key?

Despite being made as a joke for April Fools Day, this level was submitted as a proper entry to Gustav's Contest. At the time of writing, i happen to be working on a level that takes inspiration from Gustav's Daughter, but breaks several of the contest rules, and i figured i could still join in by making something like this.

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