18 First Levels (by various authors) (Dawson College, fall 2016) [Small]

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This is Assignment 3 of IVGD AEC's Game & Level Design Preproduction course at Dawson College, fall 2016.

22 students had to make a KS level after playing Rain by Ghormak, It Waits, and other levels from Dessgeega's Recommended Reading List.
They also read SiamJai's guide, or at least they were supposed to do so...

Unfortunately, despite the fact it was 2016, they used the vanilla editor (and definitely didn't play Knytt Syndromes), and that explains... many things about these levels.

Sadly, a couple of them are dead (the links), one of them is a Unity game, and Ryon Everett couldn't even add the link in the first place (...for some reason?).

And that's why they are just 18 levels out of 22 students.

Here they are.

Spoiler: Changelog (click to show/hide)

Thanks to Polana for downloading Ozymandias when it was still up on Itch.io
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