Pink dress NPC is now a custom character!

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Pink dress NPC is now a custom character!
« on: January 06, 2023, 02:39:55 »
Erika's been on the sidelines for 15 years. She's always enjoyed making witty remarks to Juni and giving her information about the local area. But deep down, she's always wanted to be a hero. Well, now you can play as her, and she even has her own pink umbrella that doesn't look awkward with her hair shape.

Nifflas is, obviously, the author of this NPC (as far as we know). I made the original sprite sheet, and Lit Knob refined it to make it look smoother. I named her Erika because she was named that in some level, I think, and it got stuck in my head. Anyone know what level it is? It's Harvest by Farik

After the level I'm currently making, I hope to make a level starring Erika in which she tries to be a hero just like Juni. Results TBD.

(The screenshot shows a previous version in which her not-ponytail hair was shorter. It's longer now.)
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