KS+ Templates (All implemented objects)

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KS+ Templates (All implemented objects)
« on: July 21, 2022, 02:45:39 »
Spoiler: Nifforum references (click to show/hide)

No, you are not dreaming.

This is the massive finished version of Ego's Templates.zip

Everyone is here!
Nobody will use the infamous KSDS sprite sheets ever again! You can count on that. 8)

It includes all of egomassive's original templates, minus the black and white and unlabeled ones (and the Legendary Blue Coin. It can be found in Ego's Customnibus demonstration level).

In addition to that, this pack contains:
  • The golden coin and artifacts.
  • Icons.
  • Fixed versions of some of the original templates.
  • Fixed versions of Juni and the umbrella (and a less misleading character template with correct opacity). Here's the list of Changes.
  • Juni's hitbox as a custom character.
  • A Powers sheet with just the compatible ones (and why the others aren't, explained in a readme).
  • All implemented OCOs.
For (almost) all the unimplemented ones, get these packs:
Unimplemented Objects Templates
Potentially Useful Sprites

Bugs in OCOs

Here's a list of all issues in the code of OCOs (they will hopefully be addressed in a future update of KS+): OCO bug reports

Issues in original templates

Here's a list of all issues I've fixed in Ego's templates (minus Juni and the umbrella): First half of https://nifflas.lp1.nl/index.php?topic=4175.msg76120#msg76120

Cosmetic issues in original objects

Some of these templates also fix some minor issues that have been plaguing original objects since the very beginning (That means they are still in the code, but OCOs can be used as workarounds right now): Second half of the previously linked post.

Inconsistencies in the instructions (important)

This is a list of all mistakes and contradictions that should be kept in mind while reading the KS+ instructions (they will be corrected in a future update of KS+): Instructions mistakes.
Additional issues can be found in the OCO bug reports.

I can't stress this enough:
The first frame of a custom object is numbered 0.
That means, for example, that in a CO with 4 frames, the fourth one is called frame 3:
0, 1, 2, 3

These templates alone aren't enough to completely reinvent OCOs: You also need to read the KS+ instructions to determine the order and frame count of different animations.
But please, keep in mind the inconsistencies.

I recommend setting up a 24x24 grid when making OCOs.
If your image editor has no proper grid, you can put tileset0 or a similar checkered texture in the background:

"I used to be a nacho"

Note: Don't draw/recolor the last frame of 13:4. It's actually ignored.
I just left it for completeness.

Thanks to:
GrayFace for beta-testing both these templates and the originals.
ncrecc for fixing Juni's palette and reporting "AtifactIcon".
You both did a great job. :)

Oh, BTW... :shifty:
Feel free to host this pack on your site, Ego.
It would be an honor. :)
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Re: KS+ Templates
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2022, 17:20:54 »
I wish the KS+ Templates.zip had templates for every usable CO, instead of just a few.
Looks like Christmas came earlier this year. Unfortunately, I have no corruptions for you, StraightFlame.
Enjoy the lack of silly side effects. :P


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Re: KS+ Templates (All implemented objects)
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2022, 00:09:57 »
14:1 OCO visibly flips direction (including the shading) when changing direction, but normal 14:1 doesn't; is that a KS+ bug?
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Re: KS+ Templates (All implemented objects)
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2022, 01:01:45 »
That's because some objects have non-mirrored left versions (14:1 is one of them).
Another example is "Cute" (the tall lady in white): The original's hair is always flowing in the same direction.
KS+ just mirrors their OCOs.

To address these limitations, some sort of "mirroring toggle" would need to be implemented for certain OCOs (and Cute would need a double sprite sheet with her left version).
According to GrayFace (and probably Ego himself), it's not worth the hassle.

That's why I didn't report them.
But yeah, I can feel your pain.