"Worlds Adrift: A Knytt Underground OST Mashup Album" is out now!

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For the past year, I've been working consistently on a mashup album with the Knytt Underground OST, combining portions of different songs together to create entirely new ones. Today, I'm pleased to announce that all my hard work has finally been released for you to enjoy, for free!

Here you go: https://vreschen.bandcamp.com/album/worlds-adrift-a-knytt-underground-ost-mashup-album

In this album, you will hear the following:
  • Content solely from the OST - be it spliced, pitched, or with audio effects. No other sounds from outside sources have been added in in any way.
  • Samples from over 50 different songs. Considering that the OST is made up of 118 songs, this mashup album represents close to half the repertoire originally released.
  • Twelve completely original songs on the album (with two added small ditties upon purchase). I'll hopefully be uploading more songs in the future, as I know I have several other ideas in the pipeline.

If you have any questions, feedback, or thoughts, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!


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Good album; howver "Something's Out There (The Grey Zone)" is by Fredrik Hthn, not Nifflas. This error appears in the info of "Nighttime In The Aquarium" and "The Tower of the Machine Mother". Also, it's impossible to view the track credits for bonus tracks since those aren't included in the song metadata, so maybe you could do what I generally do and put the credits in the lyrics there (since lyrics do get put in the metadata).
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Thanks! I'll be sure to implement those changes now.
Let me know if they work for you.
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