"Devil's Triangle" [KS+][Challenge/Maze][Normal/Very Hard][Large] - TigerNDV

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Hey guys! It's finally time to reveal my newest level "The Devil's Triangle!

Take control of 3 unique characters, Janet Moore, Edward Moore and Randall Murphy! Explore a vast open island with 300+ screens, 50+ flag choices that lead to 5 different endings, 10 custom tilesets and over 50+ custom objects!

This level took about 120 hours of dev time, and it will likely be my last for the foreseeable future, thanks for being an amazing community and I sincerely hope you enjoy it!
Download Here: https://knyttlevels.com/levels/TigerNDV%20-%20Devil%27s%20Triangle%20%28V2%29.knytt.bin

Special shoutout to Pfrangip and Gliperal for helping beta test this monster of a level, the amount of dedication, effort and community around this project has been crazy and amazing.


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While I haven't played the final release, the closed beta for this level was nothing short of spectacular. There is something for everyone here: Beautiful scenery, Puzzles, platformer challenges, a compelling story, and a lot to explore and see. This is easily one of the Top 10 KS Levels of all time. I'm looking forward to replaying this several times!

Keep in mind due to the "open" nature of this level it is possible there could be places you can get stuck or even potentially softlocked. Please pass along any of these situations or bugs you find, once everyone has a chance to play the level and give feedback I will be doing a "final release" version to polish up any found issues.

Currently there is a known bug where Edward can soft lock himself if you do not open the ? path here (first img). I would highly recommend when playing as Edward to open this passage before venturing too far into the jungle. To get here you simply need to go here (second image).
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Such a cool concept, looking forward to exploring!

I ran into the situation you described above and wasn't sure how to proceed. (I've opened the ? path before this).

Here's an imgur link with pictures describing where I'm stuck: https://imgur.com/a/SD0Tu2Q

I'm using KS+ 1.3.4.

This applies to other obstacles that you clear. If you leave the screen and return, they are impassable upon returning instead of permanently accessible from both directions. Not sure if intended or not.

Edit: Reappearing obstacles were due to running on 1.3.4, issue fixed itself upon updating to 1.3.7.

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The ? shortcuts should never close back off, looking in the editor this doesn't even seem to be possible to achieve, so I'm really not sure about that other than the warp straight up isn't working for you.

The second one, it's intentionally too high, you have to return to camp via the shortcut at the top (which is somehow closed for you)

There is no way across the jellyfish ocean, it's the world bound on that side of the island.
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Hey everyone, I fixed all the soft locks and map problems that I could find/think of (took many hours so hopefully I found every single one) Initial post has been edited with a new link.

I will not release this onto the archives until the new level has been out for awhile and people don't have any more issues. Thanks!
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For posterity sake:

The reappearing obstacles are not an issue upon updating to version 1.3.7 of KS+.

If anyone else encounters the same, check to make sure you are up-to-date (I was running 1.3.4 previously). It's definitely worth it for this level!


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3 things (one map related, one softlock, one suggestion). Contains major end game spoilers!

More spoilers:

Also is Randall's 3 button code trial referencing something we should have memorized earlier on the island or is the clue to the code hidden on the screen somewhere?
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I have now fixed the first 2 bugs, great callouts!
The third thing you noted is a great suggestion, sadly I must autosave due to KS limitations, however will add a warning!
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Also is Randall's 3 button code trial referencing something we should have memorized earlier on the island or is the clue to the code hidden on the screen somewhere?

No, it's all contained in the screen just before the trial.


The Devil tells you to pay attention as a hint.
You will see 2 grey bouncers (press grey button 2 times)
You will see 5 mushrooms (press mushroom button 5 times)
The final button is a mystery but once you know the other 2 you can spam it until the door opens.
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Hey all, I'm preparing to release V2 of Devils Triangle, please let me know if you've found any other issues I should include in this release!

-Fixing all the found possible softlocks (that I am aware of)
-Updating the map to work as intended (and polishing it with some colors to indicate when a screen is unique, pink for teleports and orange for mysterious gates)
-Fixing possible void screens and wall swims
-Adding a warning and choice confirmation before the game ends and autosaves in the final area
-Updating the Jungle map region to allow all the other characters to travel back and explore in that area
-Several bug fixes for flag warps and visual errors.
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I haven't checked the newer releases, but I ran into some issues.

x1008y1015 Warps up to self
x1033y1005 Warps down to self

I got trapped by both of these errors. I don't know if it matters but I'm playing on normal mode.

I ran into several situations where a blocked path appeared open before collecting the question mark. The vines blockage was one.

In at least one place I found myself in the hard version of the map. One of these was a pit with spikes on the walls. Upon death I respawned to the same screen, but there was now a fire bouncer in the water. If I exited the screen and came back I was back in the easier version.

Hey, Ego.

-First warp issue has been fixed!
-Second one is now fixed, good catch!
-I checked the vines in the jungle canopy region and I don't see any errors with it so I'm not sure why it would be open , do you happen to know the coordinates of these warp errors?
-The warp into hard mode on death has been fixed, I didn't realize an auto save would bypass the warp flag upon death and respawn! (possible feature to use in the future? hmmm)

Thanks for playing, I think the open shortcuts are my biggest concern if we can figure out where/why they occur that would be amazing! The only reason I've heard of this happening when everything looks good in the script is when KS+ isn't updated to a version that supports coins as warp flags. But I'm assuming that's not an issue for you as the mod creator. Odd...
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I'm not sure whether I have the original or some fixed version, but I noticed one minor mistake:
when played in normal mode, there are some animals at x1006y995 that walk on air.

Now to the level itself:

The tilesets, backgrounds and custom objects are all great and incredibly creative. Lasers and those pink fish flyers turned into traps in that temple are my favourite, that falling flowers and sinking turtles are also very funny.

I liked the story and how different are paths of the characters based on their abilities.

Those cinematic cutscenes (well, not really cutscenes, but..) were the best since Shipwrecked. What is it with the levels set on tropical islands being so good?

Spoiler: (click to show/hide)

Hey! Thanks for playing and the bug report! (Which I hadn't fixed yet!)

I'm glad you enjoyed the visuals and design, the temple area was certainly one of my favorite areas to design! (it gets intense in hard mode!)

Your ending will depend on 2 main factors, your pre-ending choices leading up to the ending, and your performance itself during the ending.

Here are some things to consider.
-If you die during a trial you can use ctrl+r to reset and try again (you must successfully complete every trial to qualify for the good/best endings)
-If Randall declines to dine with the Devil, you will get an additional Randall trial, however your ending will not change
-If Janet takes a torch from the Devils below-ground cave, she will have to do a second trial, however it will not affect your ending
-If Janet takes the dagger from the stone alter AND Edward takes the weapon from the dark woods they will be forced to fight and you will be locked from ever getting the "best" ending. This only occurs if both characters take those weapons (the spear in the Volcano does not qualify)
-If Janet does not hide from the devil when he calls out to her in the jungle, either Edward or Randall will die in the ending and you are locked from getting the best ending. You will need to hide from the devil in this cinematic to qualify for the best ending.
-If all 3 characters survive the trials you will get the good ending.
-However to get the best ending you will also need to have taken the wooden carving from the far East beach

Hope this helps, and good luck if you attempt a run to get the best possible ending!

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