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canteven's FiNCK stuff
« on: September 13, 2021, 15:49:37 »
Hi everyone! I just got this awesome new Nifflas game "FiNCK" and I'm so excited and it's gonna be such a big trend and I'm gonna make the coolest levels ever with it. Here is every asset from my cool levels that will definitely be released.

This set includes:
- Sign decorations/COs meant to communicate the jumping patterns of jumpers, and what gets vanished by orange buttons
- Two versions of a tileset, with grass/dirt and a castle
- 2 horizontal backgrounds (and 4 single-color backgrounds)
- 2 vertical backgrounds

Attachments include the set itself (, 4 screenshots (screenshot 1 of TilesetV2, the rest of TilesetV1), and, as a bonus (and to keep the set's filesize below 512kb :P), 5 dumb area intros consisting of rotated repeating text on a gradient.