[Challenge/Misc] Boot Stamping On A Knytt Face Forever (New Team Member 6/30/09)

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Wouldn't that have been a terrible ruse; a cold-hearted contrivance to disappoint all? Create a giant metaphor where we all believe in this great and powerful system - superior to any of its kind, only to reveal it was never what it seemed, and in fact suffer the same fate as Winston Smith? The name of the project a direct homage and foreshadowing of it's fate?

... That's not this project, but I bet quite a few people would hate me if it were so.  X)

Everyone can rest assured that just because you haven't heard from me in some time, does not mean I have given up or even forgotten about BSoaKFF.
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If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.

- George Orwell


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O, if 'tis true let joy be sown and ne'er
be forgot. Pay no heed to utt'rence--dismay
suits us not. Ia! The Bard will give pleasure!

I always come back at least once a year to see if this project, or even just this thread, is still getting updated. I'm definitely not going to stop any time soon


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"boot stamping on a knytt face forever" is in my top 10 knytt stories level names (this list is not available for querying at the moment) so even if it is dead as a door nail it's still pretty good