Halloween Themed Levels

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Halloween Themed Levels
« on: October 28, 2020, 03:05:56 »

Don Doli recently asked for some Halloween themed levels, and I thought I would also post my list here for anyone else looking for scary/creepy/cute Halloween themed levels. I've put a short description as well as a rating. Feel free to post any others!

House Key(Healy): I dead the outside
(Rated G) Any fan of the macabre needs to try this disconcerting little level.

Race to the Pumpkin Patch (Healy): Can you make it to the Pumpkin Patch?
(Rated G) Juni must escape the monsters and reach the Pumpkin Patch.
This short level is cute and maybe a little intense for new players. The environment is solid and well put together, the tilesets work well, the music is fun, and even the path that the player takes has them revisiting screens in different areas. It all works together well.

Dark House(Healy): Hey, who turned off the lights?
(Rated G) This tiny environmental level by Healy is a bit spooky even if you're never in any real danger.

What Happened Next (ixMarcel & Fubaka): A save-the-world adventure
(Rated PG-13) Juni must come to terms with her past by putting together the pieces.
This level truly is an experience, and only for seasoned Knytt Story veterans.

The Outsider (Alamaster Moody): Based on HP Lovecraft's story The Outside
(Rated PG) This small level isn't particularly well polished but it does tell a unique story.

The Cursed House(Ania): Can you escape from The Cursed House?
(Rated G) This fun little level has the player solving platformer puzzles in locals such as inside a freezer or a fireplace. It's a fun twist on the classic haunted house.

It Waits(Eric Colossal): For Longer Than You Know
(Rated PG) Juni makes her way through the belly of the beast in this classic Knytt Story. It's vaguely Lovecraftian, has some tough platformer jumps, and a unique atmosphere.

Blue House (Grimwit): Level Contest Entry about ghosts. v1.0
(Rated G) This classic Haunted House level has Juni escaping from ghosts and running through invisble passages in the walls.

Caged In (James Vaughan): Can you get out?
(Rated PG-13) This challenge level is extremely goth and dark, with some mature themes.

An Evening Stroll (Pentavo Mapmaker): Go for a walk late in the evening.
(Rated R) This level features a lot of gory scenery and scary situations. It's also insanely difficult to get to the proper ending.

The Five Minute Hallway (pfrangip): A New Hallway in Juni's House
(Rated G) This maze by yours truly is based on an excellent horror novel by Mark Z Danielewski.

Curse of the Catacombs (Vegetal Gibber): Will you choose freedom or truth...?
(Rated PG) This level by Vegetal Gibber uses some excellent custom artwork to create a unique experience.

Late to the party (Vegetal Gibber): A short Halloween adventure
(Rated PG) This quintessential Halloween level is both fun and creepy.

The Little Gothic Doll (Velvet): You are a doll no one wants to buy...
(Rated PG) This creepy and somewhat depressing little level is nonetheless a classic.

Choice (TigerNDV)
(Rated PG-13) This level has very little platforming but a lot of dialogue choices and options. Near the end there is quite a bit of horror.


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Re: Halloween Themed Levels
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2020, 17:26:19 »
Thanks, Sergio! I've listed my summaries below in case anyone is on the fence on whether to try them or not.

omgt4 (Sergio Cornaga)
(Rated PG) This sadistic level is very very short, and well, honestly, not very sweet.

Juni's Nightmare (Sergio Cornaga & David C. ): That night, she has a horrible dream
[Very Hard][Medium][Challenge]
(Rated PG13) This is an excellent level, of the highest quality, well-known to most seasoned Knytt Stories players. It has many references to other levels, and the surreal, abstract nature of the first part can certainly be considered disconcerting or even scary.

Thankshiving (Healy): Be thankful. Be very, very thankful!
(Rated PG) This tiny level is very very short. Unlike Healy's other excellent level's, there's really not a lot to see or do here.

Juni in the Haunted House (Healy): Dare you enter this cursed place?
(Rated G) This level deviates from Healy's usual interior, atmosphere-centric levels and features some abstract challenges and puzzles. There are a few endings and a few surprises throughout.

Battle Cheese (Firecat): THE COMPLETE SPOOKY SAGA
This SPOOKY level is definitely worth playing and, I believe, accomplishes what it sets out to do.

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Re: Halloween Themed Levels
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2023, 21:09:00 »
Here are 9 more levels to consider playing this Halloween. :)

A Halloween Adventure (Dandelion): Save your cat!

It's in the title, isn't it? Adorable and dripping with personality.

Gyffes (plural): It's not too late for us to be together.

This is arguably a Father's Day level, but its exquisitely unsettling story and rich, cinematic visuals are second to none.

Harlow and the Tarandus Queen (plural)

A beautifully penned tale of the queen of a sunken world that longs for light and the young girl enthralled by her. Incredible writing and atmosphere. My favorite level of all time.

They Cry Out (TigerNDV): Be sure your sin will find you out…

DownloadDownload (easy)
This visually stunning level opens up bright and airy and reveals its horror slowly over time. A tight, linear narrative similar in structure to Harlow. (Note: the "easy" version, closer to Very Hard, is highly recommended unless you're a masochist.)

Coldmist Mountain (Talps and Jetio4): Juni must climb Coldmist to save her town.

Return the cursed artifact stolen from an ancient shrine. Understated horror and a world awash with beautiful gloom.

Gehenna (Salmoneous): Tormented, Unhallowed, Dead…
[Very Hard/Lunatic][Large][Challenge]

Dark and extremely challenging.

Hinterland (pfrangip): The Unknown Regions

A brief liminal experience with innovative visuals and great music.

Woods (Andy)

A short walk through a wonderfully dense and twisted forest.

Woodgrove Hotel v0.1 (A): Lost in a strange land, Juni finds a hotel

Sadly, a flawed and unfinished level with loads of potential. Great concept and atmosphere. Feels very much like an old RPG Maker horror game.