"Vanishing" is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.

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That is all.

Thank you, D Fast!

My other favorite tracks from KU are "Please Exist, I'd Appreciate It" and "The Fairy Springs," which play back-to-back near the end of Chapter 1. I wish iTunes let us rate more than 5 stars to a song.. It's music like this that just makes you feel glad to be alive. <3

Again, thanks to everyone involved for such a beautiful game.
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I concur.
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Love anything


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Thank you  <3

I listen to the soundtrack almost every day. It's a masterpiece. (You can find it on YT btw)


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Even though we're now again three years later, let me just say that I still frequently visit Knytt Underground's soundtrack:
Most of the tracks are great background music while reading or wanting to calm down.

Of course, there are some upbeat tracks as well, which I listen when running! :D

Thank you so much, Nifflas, D-fast and the other artists for making this great music. I really love the style, and I hope at some point in time to be able to make music that is similar in flavour.