[Challenge/Misc.][Normal][Small] sooch story

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[Challenge/Misc.][Normal][Small] sooch story
« on: November 07, 2018, 18:08:11 »

This was made for a contest held in October on Sooch Existence, the official Discord server for a bot called Sooch Master. Sooch Master is basically an incremental game, where you use a resource/currency called "sooch" to build facilities which produce more sooch for you so you can build better things which produce even more sooch... and so on. Except it's a Discord bot.

The goal of the contest was to create any kind of original content about sooch. Most other entries were images or videos, but mine was a Knytt Stories level. I managed to get second place.

sooch story is heavily inspired by the "surreal memes" internet subculture (as Sooch Master is a rather common sight on their Discord servers) and is filled to the brim with inside jokes from both surreal memes and Sooch Existence. As such, playing this level with little to no context can be... actually rather worthwhile, i guess.

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DonDoli, if you ever plan on streaming this, could you let me know beforehand?


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Re: [Challenge/Misc.][Normal][Small] sooch story
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This leevl is cool and goo;d.