[Tutorial/Playground, Large, Easy] "[255]" - A Stroll in the Tilesets

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Level Download: http://knyttlevels.com/levels/Miragent%20-%20%5B255%5D.knytt.bin

This started as a proper level, where I was going to use all the 255 tilesets and make a traditional level...
However, please forgive me! This original project was scrapped at the 5th screen, due to the fact I wanted to use every single tile in the various tilesets with the intention to show everything, but even when using only 1 screen per tileset, this would have taken too much time and the level was looking weird anyway, due to the fact I had so much compressed stuff in the single screens.
The utopian ideal would have been Fubaka's unfinished "The Search for Silence": https://nifflas.lpchip.nl/index.php?topic=6719.0.
The compromise existed. It uses every tileset, but not every tile. It is Pumpkinbot's "Vanilla": https://nifflas.lpchip.nl/index.php?topic=6063.0.
I had neither the time, nor the experience, nor the insolence, to continue Fubaka's project, and with Vanilla already out, I decided to make something different.
I have taken all the 255 (+1)tilesets, just as they are shown in the editor, and pasted them in 255 (+1) corresponding screens.
This, at least, was serving the purpose to show live all the tiles from all the default tilesets.
With the "skeleton" built, the level was looking kind of ok, so the "how about doing this properly?"-feeling has arrived.
So I have added shifts from the bottom to the top floors, then the signs, then a fully functional lobby (a 16x16 lobby with 3 shifts each), then the music, the shifts between floors to play it properly, and a few more tweaks.
I ended up with 6608 world.ini lines, most of which input singularly because I'm still very new at this, and while not being a traditional level, it does what it was made for (showing how the tiles in the various tilesets look when in place).
I really hope someone will find this enjoyable and/or useful!




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This might actually be the first level which incorporates every vanilla tile into a single level.

I will return.
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