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Author Topic: Pigeon Voyageur - Prolific KS Streamer  (Read 417 times)

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« on: May 02, 2018, 22:38:55 »

I just wanted to give a shout out to the most prolific Knytt Stories let'splayer on YouTube: Pigeon Voyageur

He appears to have close to 400 KS playthrough videos, many with multiple levels per video.  So if you've ever wanted to dive into the massive, terrifying, dangerous, dark, drippy, foggy, echoey, swampy, arcane, unintelligible, confusing, grizzly bear-infested ecosystem that is in the hopes of finding that one hidden gem that no one here has ever heard of or talked about, you should check out his channel.  He's the only streamer (that I could find) currently posting new KS level playthroughs featuring different levels each time (apart from longer levels which require series).  And he's making new ones just about every day!  This means, of course, that along with the excellent levels, he plays the broken, the unfinished, the unfair, and the pointless.  He also plays the goofy, the cute, the bizarre, the silly and the outrageous.  He occasionally quits when something is too tedious or difficult or when he can't figure something out (sadly, this happened at the end of Talps' brilliant Coming of the Dark).  He's a pretty good player, too.  The other day he posted an Industrial Trap (SecretGlitch) playthrough that I had to turn off midway through because he got so much farther than me.  :sad: And dedicated as well, he has a 100% playthrough of the infamous Azure Serenity by Shreeps that totals around 9 hours!  Unfortunately for me and other fellow non-French speakers, his commentary is entirely in French so I can't completely share in his joys, frustrations and puzzlements.  His videos often have less than a handful of views, so hopefully the word can be spread so this knytt warrior can get a little more deserved attention.  :)
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