[APRIL FOOLS] Stalwart Constellation

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[APRIL FOOLS] Stalwart Constellation
« on: April 01, 2018, 14:01:40 »

It's finally time for that mystery project i've been working on to see the light of day.

Inspired by an Undertale AU called Outertale, Stalwart Constellation takes place in a faraway asteroid field where a knytt civilization has formed after a spaceship crash-landed there many centuries ago. A young knytt named Maart sets out to explore the various nearby asteroids and hopefully... accomplish... something. At some point. He's not quite sure what that would be, though.

Spoiler: Screenshots (click to show/hide)

  • More than 150 recolored versions of standard KS objects
  • Recolored versions of many default and non-default tilesets
  • A large open world, made up of 3 different asteroids for you to explore
  • Multiple endings depending on how many artifacts of each kind you collect, kind of like in Saira but slightly different
  • Item shops, allowing you to acquire powerups in (almost) any order you'd like
  • Absolutely no blackcurrant or apricot jam anywhere in the entire level!

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Re: [KS+] [Challenge/Scenic] [Large] Stalwart Constellation
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2018, 14:41:37 »
You'd better not be lying about the jam! Because I'm allergic to blackurrants and apricots when combined (but not individually).