Saving Thalanill [KS+] [Epic/Scenic] [Large] [Normal/Hard]

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Re: Saving Thalanill [KS+] [Epic/Scenic] [Large] [Normal/Hard]
« Reply #30 on: September 28, 2020, 01:22:31 »
This level blew me away and surprised me to an extent that I'd forgotten a KS level could do. It did a lot of things that I couldn't imagine were possible with KS, and left me grinning with a feeling of "expanded possibilities" which I haven't felt since a decade ago when I played Gaia. Well done!

Aside from its various surprises, my favourite qualities of this level were its polish and attention-to-detail. The package as a whole feels well-executed and tested. I especially love that it has hidden routes and areas to reward players who go the extra mile to explore its boundaries.

Other thoughts I had during my playthrough of the level:
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Massive congratulations to yourself and anyone else who helped you develop this level. It's fantastic work!
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