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It's probable that this forum will outlast your site. But it is not impossible that your site will outlive the forum. (If Nifflas had still been hosting the forum when quitting the web, your site would likely postdate it, if you'd have made your site at all.) Or that a level saved to someone's hard drive will outlive both. (See also YellowDuck's epic KS levels dump.) Certainly it is not guaranteed that this would preserve the context, but it's not guaranteed your site will preserve the levels on it, either. At any rate it's less backing info up on your site and more backing it up in the levels themselves.

The "link to relevant topic" thing sounds fine, even if it turns out to be an "instead of" rather than an "in addition to". As for my email, would saying it's EDIT3:(snipped on the off chance that was dumb) suffice? (assuming bots can't read backwards here.) EDIT2: If you're emailing me, post to let me know.
 Was that a yes or a no on the blurbs? if so, got a list of your backlog? (I was offering to help under the assumption that I'd have played some of the same levels you had. Probably not much help past that point. But I also assume others would be willing to help here.)
  What's having an author account entail, exactly?

I'm wondering whether we're talking past each other. A summary certainly wouldn't cut it, but I'm not suggesting summaries, just stuffing whatever can be found in a textfile in the world folder and let whatever amateur historian that decides to poke around there sort it out. (A textfile mostly because I figure there'd be minimal impact on size that way.)

Also I'm noticing a discrepancy between dessgeega's Fossil on your site and on knyttlevels:

your site fossil 0.0 mb
knyttlevels fossil 264k

EDIT:Oh, hey. A new page.
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Re: levels.egomassive - a KS archive
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@scratskinner: Sent you an e-mail. The Fossil file size was a mistake on my end. Check out the website's dashboard. If you're not into being an "author" you can PM me blurbs and summaries here instead. Any help on a project this big is welcome. By the way, I've completely forgotten to tell you how to log-in. levels.egomassive.com/wp-login

If anyone else is reading this stuff and thinking they want in on authorship, PM me. If you have a good posting history here, I'll probably give you a pass.

Re: levels.egomassive - a KS archive
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Got it. Did quick test login/logout. Will figure things out tomorrow. (Hopefully I have lesser privileges if my account gets subverted or whatever.)

Re: levels.egomassive - a KS archive
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@egomassive: PMed you.