Uurnlimited Challenge (Spoilers) [Medium]: Illegal Ending with 1 saveroom door

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Get the Illegal Ending without unlocking any doors in the saveroom except for G. You're allowed to unlock doors with numbers on them.

What makes this challenging is that you can't get the inventory; and you can't use any resources outside of the train rooms except for two warp bombs, a few gems (useless since you can't go into any shops), a box, some blue cubes and a yellow bird.

The cheat button, developer mode, and changing the savefile through a text editor are all forbidden.

There's no real solution except for the setup, which I might as well post:
Spoiler: Setup (click to show/hide)
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We were waving our arms out the window
Of a fast-moving passenger train
Acting in an irresponsible fashion
Until the engineer whose back had been turned
And who we thought would find us highly amusing
Quickly swiveled his head around
And his face which was a paper-white mask of evil sang us this song


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Bit late, but I did it.

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