Additional Knytt Stories Music by Nurykabe

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Additional Knytt Stories Music by Nurykabe
« on: June 13, 2016, 06:42:53 »
This is a pack of 5 tracks originally made for Knytt Stories (The Machine, specifically) by Nurykabe a.k.a. Yann van der Cruyssen a.k.a. Morusque that ultimately weren't included with the game. I used these FLAC files to create OGG files actually usable by the game. I tried to adjust the volume of each track to be in line with the other default tracks, added a fade out to one that ends abruptly, trimmed silence where needed, then compressed them using the same bitrate and comment style used for the files that did get included with the game. These were released under an Attribution license, so you can use them for pretty much anything as long as you credit Nurykabe (or Yann van der Cruyssen or Morusque). Don't worry about crediting me.

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