[Game] FrikiBoy's Coconut Volley

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[Game] FrikiBoy's Coconut Volley
« on: February 26, 2016, 17:17:29 »
Not exactly the best thing I've made, but somebody might find it fun :P2

This is a simple HTML5 arcade game starring FrikiBoy, the protagonist of my top-view action/adventure game. Your goal is to keep the Coconut Delight(tm) (which is basically a huge ball of chocolate and coconut filling) in the air for as long as you can by pushing it up with your jumps. You have a maximum of three tries, and the difficulty will increase a little each time you manage to hit the ball. Try to collect the falling cupcakes for extra points (but be careful not to neglect the ball while doing so!).

There's also a sprint button (CTRL) that you can hold to run faster. However, using it will make your character slide a lot on the snow/sand, so you'll have to compensate for that.

The game can be played in your browser (HTML5 & WebGL required) and has support for GameJolt's leaderboards and trophy system (you have to log in with your GameJolt account for this to work, though).

[ Click here to play the game ]

[ How-to-play demo video ]
Some KS levels by me: