[Game] Delta Loop (Win/Mac/Linux)

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[Game] Delta Loop (Win/Mac/Linux)
« on: September 17, 2015, 01:29:02 »

Delta Loop is one of the very few full-length games that I've finished and released. It's a free 2D arcade space shooter inspired by games such as Asteroids and Geometry Wars. It features a progression system in the form of an item shop that lets you buy upgrades for your ship by spending the energy cores you collected from defeated enemies.

While very simple in its premise and easy to learn, the game offers a wide array of weapons (laser cannon, missiles, plasma clouds, etc), power-ups and even assist bots that you'll need to acquire and master in order to overcome the increasingly hard enemy waves and get access to all the stages.

Your high scores and collected medals will also unlock a variety of bonuses: more playable spaceship models, hints, songs for the jukebox and even special graphical filters.

Spoiler: Some screenshots (click to show/hide)

[ Demo video of a very hard stage ]

The game's available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (only tested in Ubuntu distributions, though). If you fancy old-school arcade shooters, give Delta Loop a try!

[ Download the game at GameJolt ]
[ Download the game at Itch.io ] (pay what you want, but you can click on the "No Thanks" link to get it for free)
Some KS levels by me: