[ANSWERED] Custom Object question (KS Ex)

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[ANSWERED] Custom Object question (KS Ex)
« on: September 11, 2014, 22:59:17 »
Edit: answer below

I am attempting to add a simple collectible to my story based on GreyFace's Collectible Artifacts, and I'm curious how to add a collectible that doesn't have the counter on it (the number of total collected objects).

I've tried making the OnlyOne parameter true, and while that does indeed cause any other objects of that type to not load in a new screen, it still has the number 1 superimposed on the power bar.

My object's load.lua script is identical to the one in the Collectibles\Artifacts folders, and the same goes for my Object.ini file. All I've changed there is the animation parameters and object name.

I know it's probably something very simple, but I can't tell the difference between the MapPower object (which doesn't have the number but is far more complex) and the collectibles (which do have the numbers but are much simpler). Please help!
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Re: Custom Object question (KS Ex)
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I poked around with the lua script a little longer and I figured it out.

Instead of creating a Collectible Object, I had to create it as a Power.

I answered my own question just by futzing around with it a little longer.