WANTED: Experience spelunkers and loremasters to fill out the new wiki!

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I've always felt that a game like KU with so many characters, quests and secrets, as well as the extended universe it shares with other Nifflas games, deserved a proper wiki. So I made one!

:hiddenstar: Here it is. :hiddenstar:

I'm still copying over stuff from Wikipedia for now and will be updating it with what I know. It's gonna need your help to make sure it has an entry for every game feature and lore element. Later I plan to add the maps and guides that I have.

It's free to edit so please head on over and flesh out the entires for your favorite things from KU! If you're an admin on this forum or need special access please PM me.
Check out the wiki at Nifflas.Wikia.com and help out! It needs entries and screenshots for characters, lore, secrets and easter eggs!