[Playground][Small] Juni's Little Lab 2 (tested on Linux and Windows)

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Juni's underground lab needed some remodeling, but something went terribly wrong and now she's trapped inside. Find another way out!

This is a really small custom Knytt Underground level, not very nice to look at, and it's also a sort of remake of my original Knytt Stories level. I've made the level as I was learning how things like Scripts, dialogue, Robots, and Oscillators worked.

EDIT: I've developed and tested this level on Linux, so I had to make some fixes afterwards because it wouldn't work on Windows. Mac OS X users are welcome to try it out as well. There's just one warp that I couldn't get to work on Windows (first room on the left), but the rest is working perfectly.

Here's the 4th download link


The .zip file contains a README with instructions on how to 'install' it; I'm copying that in the post as well.

Please let me know if it works for you.


How to try the level with Knytt Underground >= 1.1.0 (or >= Beta 2 for Linux)

- make a copy the folder of a Knytt Underground portable demo installation
- replace the World folder with the one in the archive (backup the original!)
- copy the Ambiance and Sounds folders and Sprites.dat file from the original World folder to the new one
- run the game
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Wow, cool! \o/ I'll try it out later tonight!