Please Exist, I'd Appreciate it ->Bytebeat Cover

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Please Exist, I'd Appreciate it ->Bytebeat Cover
« on: April 06, 2014, 23:43:15 »
Hello there.

I find Knytt and its follow-up games to be absolutely amazing. The exploration in your games, Nifflas, is something I miss in most other games, and something I really really enjoy very much. The feeling of stumbling upon secret, hidden places, your own hidden world.

I also like fairy tales. C)

Anyway, maybe some of you have heard of me earlier. When I'm not busy making websites, playing piano or doing uninteresting things in real-life, I make things that wobble, jitter and crackle on the computer.

As I have ventured a little into audio synthesis lately, I have been making a few Bytebeat audio pieces. Basically this means that the music you hear is fully written as code, without playing any predefined samples or relying on other external stuff. Thus, everything, the synthesizers, the pattern creation, the envelopes, is built from the ground up.
I've created some simple tunes such as a cover of Game of Thrones for the JS1K contest, a while back I made a cover of Chipzel's 'Focus' that was used in the game Super Hexagon, as well as some other smaller projects.

But Nifflas is one of the music artists I really admire, for being able to create such soothing music that sets the mood for his games perfectly.

So, here it is. My tribute to Nifflas' amazing game-making and music-creation talents:
A bytebeat-cover of
Please Exist, I'd Appreciate it

If your computer is too slow to play this without stuttering, try the Low Quality version

(It should work fine in Chrome/Opera/Safari and Firefox. If there are any other issues, please tell me.)

Feel free to gasp in amazement, or give my any constructive or negative criticism you can think of.
I'll also gladly answer any questions about what's going on. (its kind of a mess right now, to be honest  :P )

Have a nice day,

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Re: Please Exist, I'd Appreciate it ->Bytebeat Cover
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2014, 17:46:27 »
This is exceptionally cool. It sounds like you still plan to optimise it further, so I look forward to checking out future versions. :)


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Re: Please Exist, I'd Appreciate it ->Bytebeat Cover
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2014, 21:30:59 »
This is pretty nice! My computer definitely could not take the regular version, so thanks for putting up the low quality version.