You are finally allowed to use the expansion levels' tilesets! (ASD, AUA, SF)

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Remember the threatening "Do NOT use" from Nifflas' expansion levels' tilesets (A Strange Dream, An Underwater Adventure, and Sky Flower)?
Well, the wait is over.

A couple days ago, it was confirmed that the real reason they were labeled that way, was the fact the expansion levels were originally meant to cost money, and those tilesets now share the same license as the default tilesets (because enough time has passed, and way more than enough... :P).
You are free to use and/or edit them for your KS levels as long as you give credit.

For that reason, I decided to replace the "threatening" info bars with usual ones.
By looking at the titles of the music tracks, I tried to choose the most fitting names for the tilesets.

Regarding the music tracks, you are allowed to use them since late 2012.

Thanks to:
Jace for asking Nifflas about it.
Lucinda and Pie Sniper for helping with the tileset names.
Wibi/ncrecc for changing the course of history.