[Platformer] [Very Hard] Distorted Travesty

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[Platformer] [Very Hard] Distorted Travesty
« on: December 30, 2012, 00:19:55 »
ALLERGEN INFORMATION: May contain excessive amounts of danmaku-like enemy attacks, ridiculously hard platforming, a huge amount of attacks you'll likely forget you had, and dry humor/satire.

"Distorted Travesty is a "Fast Paced Satirical Action Platformer" made in Game Maker by Dark Yoshi (aka. Zephyr Burst). It follows the story of two gamers with no clear goals in life. These two are Jerry, the most hardcore of hardcore gamers, and Jeremy, who partakes in some light hacking and playing jokes. You control Jerry, while Jeremy sits on the fourth wall and gives you aid throughout the game.

One day, when they break into the Integrated Electronics Factory to teach its CEO about the greatness of Jerry's favorite game, a mysterious entity known as The Darkness comes and steals him away to another world, one which is composed of all the games the two have played since their youth. Their only hope of returning home is to collect the Seven Magical Flavored Muffins throughout the world and use them to defeat The Darkness once and for all, lest they miss a new episode of the best series ever" -TvTropes

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You can get the game here.
There's also a trailer here.

The great Cow of Rao did a Let's Play on this which can be seen here, which makes the game proverbially more of a thing, which is pretty great.