[Browser sci-fi strategy] Eraversum

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[Browser sci-fi strategy] Eraversum
« on: April 10, 2012, 21:44:26 »

Type: Strategy sci-fi browser game.

Eraversum is a modern strategic online web browser game set uniquely on the boundary between science fiction and fantasy within the mysterious and unexplored Milky Way galaxy of the future.
You can join one of the nine unique civilizations. These represent an advanced civilizations and advanced space nations with a long tradition.
You begin with one planet, some population, money and supplies; but you can colonise and gain new supplies. You will be able to get an army and fight with other players to get their planets.

Description form the main page:
You are entering the world of Eraversum - a merciless and dangerous milieu of the Milky Way galaxy. Welcome to the dark future - darker and grimmer than it has ever been expected...

The Earth has fully used its technological potential and became a major galactic civilization long time ago. It had been fighting fiercely and forcefully to achieve its current position among the other galactic superpowers. Each side bluntly desires to fully exploit its chances for the expansion and prosperity. Help them! Join any of the involved sides by a simple and quick registration. Build majestic armies and in the name of your realm, conquer your opponents without any compassion.


Link: http://eraversum.com

The game has its origin in Stargate Webgame (www.sgwg.net) which is a czech browser game, that follows the serial called Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Eraversum is its clone, that allows players form other countries to play that game. It is still in development, so there aren't many players, but you can change it.