NiffWorld Minecraft server

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NiffWorld Minecraft server
« on: April 03, 2012, 14:30:56 »

It's probably a good idea to split discussion about this from the Minecraft topic, and hopefully get more attention drawn to this as well.
So yeah, well over a year ago, AClockWorkLemon started hosting a Minecraft server for the community named NiffWorld. However at some point in time he couldn't host it anymore and jimj316 took over. But he couldn't keep it up either and passed it over to me. So the server is MINE now, mwahahahaha! *cough* Excuse me...

Note: This server is NOT an official server of the forum nor is it run by its staff.

Now that that's out of the way...
Welcome to NiffWorld, where the skies are Nifflas, the grass is Nifflas, the birds sing Nifflas... No wait there are no birds in Minecraft. And no, not everything is or has to be centered around Nifflas. This is just a normal creative server where you can build whatever you want.

Server address:
Blog (for updates and such):

Current staff from the forum:
  • bumperpower64 - Administrator
  • jimj316 - Administrator
  • Badgerwookie - Moderator
Non-forum staff:
  • Pieter557 - Administrator
  • kyleinator - Moderator
  • electrickpower - Moderator

The server is currently whitelisted, so if you want to join, either post your Minecraft username below or go to if you don't have an account here.

Spoiler: Screenshots: (click to show/hide)
I also have this way too long playlist.
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