(Skating) (Open Roaming (?) ) Zineth BY ARCANE KIDS

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(Skating) (Open Roaming (?) ) Zineth BY ARCANE KIDS
« on: September 16, 2012, 23:24:54 »
Zineth is... well, it's hard to explain ... In Zineth you are this guy with a skating machine of sorts, and you work for this company that delivers a kind of newspapers called Zines. In the game you also have a phone, In the phone, there's Twitter, The game's settings, a minigame (which takes about 25% of the game) and some other stuff. There's missions to do in the game. You can also just roam around and parkour, and do other fun stuff. Graphics are kinda cartoon-ish. Oh, and I forgot to say, this game has features that I have found in two other games, one of them is... Going back on time (Like on the popular indie game Braid) and the other feature is... Making gravity stronger (Like on Quantum Conundrum).

One of the missions is, well, going to the moon, have fun doing that!  X) *It is actually possible though*

Link to download (which also contains a trailer of the game) : http://arcanekids.com/

Game by The Arcane Kids.

Play the game please, it is loads of fun. And of course, it's free. The game is for Windows and Mac, and the soundtrack is free.

**Note: The quality of the picture I added right there is really bad.  **
*** 2nd Note: The game is way to fun, by the time you stop, you will probably be looking at the clock like "What the heck! I forgot dinner!".  **
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Re: (Skating) (Open Roaming (?) ) Zineth BY ARCANE KIDS
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2012, 12:46:23 »
As per the rules for posting games, can you add screenshots?
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