Character set broken - NightSky HD 1.217 - Win7

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Character set broken - NightSky HD 1.217 - Win7
« on: January 10, 2012, 17:42:44 »
On the last build (didn't know the exact version number) nightsky was flickering on fullscreen and there where some other ugyl effects. I was only able to play on window-mode. This is solved with the new build, but at the end I wasn't able to enter the last level, although I had all stars. I googled it and found out that I need to update and I updated (unfortunately without saving the old version). Since I have updated to 1.217 (Downloaded from the HumbleBundle-Page) a new error occures:

Menu text and tutorial text (not the introducing subtitles at the start) are broken:
I'm not sure how to describe it best - it looks like there where parts of letters but cutted and moved.

Screenshot is attached.