Border that requires a certain amount of coins to get past...

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There was a border which you needed 24 coins to get past in the original.

Can you make mutiple of these, with each border being a different amount of coins.

ex: You need 15 coins to get past the first border while you need 25 to get past the second.
Is this possible or can only one border be used.


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Re: Border that requires a certain amount of coins to get past...
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2017, 05:31:29 »
Necrobump, but I was exactly as confused as this person when I first started out. Also, this subforum doesn't seem to have many posts, so this should be able to slide.
Loading up that level with the border reveals... a few interesting things, actually:

You can put 2 variables in the orange switch text string. The first one determines which blocks to remove once it's pressed. This works by putting in a nickname for the blocks you want to remove, like Set One or Set Two, and then putting that nickname in the strings for the blocks you want to destroy. If you want it like in the original FiNCK, where one button removes all Orange Blocks and nothing else, then you don't have to worry about it at all.
Anyways, if you put a comma after that, you can use a second variable to tell the game "The player will need X or more coins for this switch to work like it should" by typing in a number.

If you wanted a switch that removes all metal blocks in the current level under the string "Floor Trap" that only works once you have 3 coins, put this into the switch string:
Code: [Select]
Floor Trap,3then make sure you have one or more metal blocks with the string "Floor Trap" on them.

And yes, you can have multiple "coin doors" in one map- or even one level, if you put the first variable to use. But if you have a coin in the same room as a "coin door", make sure the player has to collect the coin before they can get to the switch. There's a minor glitch where, say, if the player has X coins, tries to push a switch requiring X + 1 coins, and then collects another coin in the same level, the switch still won't work until they safely exit and re-enter the level.
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