[puzzle/challenge/large] The Quest of Unknown Length (beta testers needed)

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The Quest of Unknown Length (This name may change)

[Name ideas]
Here's some ideas for a level title. Tell me which one is better:
  • The Quest of Unknown Length (gets cut off in game select)
  • Quest of Unknown Length (doesn't get cut off)
  • Happy Stroll of Doom
  • Monstrous Walk
  • Epic Quest of Unknown Length (also gets cut off)
  • Quest for the Texas Monster (lol inside joke)
  • Juni's Birthday!
  • more later . . .

[Beta Testers]
(Not sure if my old testers are still active. So apply if you want to test.)
Pick Yer Poison
any other people in real life who agree to play it for me

-Large expanses of land
-detailed scenery
-bosses as well as sub-bosses
-Zelda based gameplay
-hidden areas
-a code to collect and enter at the end of the game (best to write it down as you go)
-the code will also get you the secret ending

Now with multiple difficulties! It will be a hard level, some parts more challenging than others. I'm trying to make it less insane than my other two levels.

It's Juni's Birthday! As a young girl she was taken in by pirates and has grown up in a castle near the ocean. Now on her 17th birthday the pirates give her two gifts and tell her there is a great adventure awaiting her if she wants to leave the castle.

I'm shooting for at least 400-500 screens. The idea behind it is that you start in a small tower and are simply told to go left or right. You collect powers along the path and at the end you are warped back to the beginning to finish the game. This may sound simple but when I say "walk along the path" I don't mean an afternoon stroll. This will be a long level.

This is somewhat of a collab with my friend because he is giving me critique as I go along.
Finish/upload dates aren't very clear at this point.


-the band: God is an Astronaut (got permission)
song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEDhsDoqXns

-ambient stuff from:

-more to come as needed. So far I haven't music in any part of the game.

[Screen Shots]
Spoiler: beginning (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: rocks (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: mountain cave (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: prairie (click to show/hide)


Added an actual story! =D

Cemetery boss is done.

Custom tileset is done. Starting work again.

Working on a custom tileset for one of the bosses. Much progress has been made since last update.

New screenshot from one of the newer areas added to the level.

Beta testers are in! I will be sending a first draft of the level around as soon as possible. Probably tomorrow.

God is an Astronaut: DONE

At this point I'd say I'm nearing the half way point in terms of the amount of areas I need to make.
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[medium size, two endings, hard difficulty] Flight.
Coming soon! The Quest of Unknown Length


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Sounds ambitious. Glad to see the custom tilesets and music. Good luck.

I like the sound of zelda based gameplay
also like the mountain cave picture because of the well suited background and general colors used. It gives a sad vibe...
I also wish to give good luck to you!  :D


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Aw, no new beta testers? Common people, I need help with this thing.
[medium size, two endings, hard difficulty] Flight.
Coming soon! The Quest of Unknown Length



This looks good. I wish to test this level.


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K thanks, I'll try and have something up for you guys to download and test tonight, tomorrow at the latest.
[medium size, two endings, hard difficulty] Flight.
Coming soon! The Quest of Unknown Length